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If anyone can know "all" of me, it's me.

I'm working on that, and -- by definition -- I won't ever finish the attempt. But a good try is worth a whole lot :)

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This picture is hardcore.

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Nice earrings, and it's great to see someone a little closer to my age here!

What d'you mean by "the personality of a gay boy"? I've seen that kind of thing around here a couple of times, and it always puts me on edge a little. Like, it's a pretty big generalization to imply that all/most gay men will automatically share a certain set of traits (beyond being, well, gay and male). If you mean "flamboyant" or something, just say so, y'know? :)

So you're definitely XX -- that's fascinating! Have you gotten karyotyped? I've always sort of wanted to look mine up, even though I know it doesn't mean much.

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I find it really, really cheering that a public figure is able to be open about these bits of his identity. Someone funny, someone smart, and yes -- someone who can talk personally about having a blurry gender -- not always stamping us into academic or sexological frameworks.

I do find it kind of offputting that one might separate "weirdo" (and therefore "weirdo genders"?) from "okay" (people/genders).

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I don't think I've got either of those ...