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We could do one thing to help every American with health care, make it 100% deductible. Change the law so that all medical bills are 100% deductible. But then, government health care was never about helping the people, it was about getting the power.

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They already do, in droves. It is the norm for the liberal progressive. What would Jesus do? Al Sharpton, the rev Jesse Jackson, John Edwards. The list goes on.

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So is it only really diverse if they invite people you agree with and only espouse views you agree with? Is that how it works with freedom of speech? They can be invited to speak at a University if they meet a described position and not invited if they don"t? That would be a good thing?

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Your argument presupposes we should replace it and the government should be involved. Many of us disagree with the government being involved at all. So repeal it. That's it. Make all medical spending 100% deductible. Vice what the ACA did which is lower the amount you could deduct. That's all. If you spent it on medical, you don't pay taxes on it.

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Of course she doesn't understand. As a liberal she doesn't see America as exceptional and can't imagine that this country affords you any kind rights or freedoms. She can't imagine serving a country that she despises and earns a comfortable income from denouncing. Seems her kid figured it out.

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The price went up. The deductible went up. All in all, Americans lose with Obamacare.

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Uh. You might not no this. Its not generous of them to sit in judgement of what deserves funding or not, it's their job.

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So you don't think minorities or people of color are smart enough to get an id? You expect them to be to feeble minded to obtain an id? You are the racist.

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Ya. It would be like bringing up that she was a Wiccan or some other crazy thing during college like the democrat party did with O'Donnell. The national socialist democrat party is about power over people at any cost and will use any means necessary to attack someone.

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No they pay what they can afford to pay and get what they can afford to get. They don't have access to the health care if they don't have money and their public services suck. I don't know if you read the news often but every government in Europe has not only been talking but actually cutting services and pensions. When you read about austerity that is what it means.