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100% correct.

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What the Christians and their respective churches are saying in this article is that they don't believe the Original Testament nor the New Testament. So what do they believe? They believe that Islamic killers, including the ones who stick bombs in their own child's orifices, murdering their own child while using him to murder others, are perfectly justified in doing so........as long as their 'targets' are Jews. Hitler would be proud of those cowardly Christians who don't even care that Ishmael murders real, Bible-believing Christians on a daily basis.......that's their new hero-Ishmael. They apparently think Ishmael is new school progressive and Jesus is an old school hasbeen. This is extremely frustrating and sad for me, a proud Jew.

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It's about time congress did something to get US out of Libya but playing politics by Boehner/Kucinich is just silly and dilutes the issue.

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Excellent post and thank you for the history lesson.

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I will vote for anyone except Obama. Condi Rice is as anti-Israel as Obama and I seriously doubt that a black or a woman needs to run against Obama.

And Dr Chesler, we Jews will not be slaughtered again; such is not my fear.

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Excellent post. I too wondered if Bakar read the same article.

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Outstanding analysis. You and Caroline Glick are the best! We thank you, Barry Rubin.

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Outstanding column. Feel better, Caroline.

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Good article. It's about time a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel bigot was exposed for being nothing but a bully.

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This is a really good simple solution that is unique!