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The Turkish state from its inception denied human rights of the Kurds, carried out forced assimilation of the Kurds, denied the existence of Kurds and attempted to destroy the social fabric of the Kurdish society. The western free media continues to ignore these facts and portrays the Turkish state as progressive and democratic.
The so call democratic measures are nothing but smoke screen to fool Kurds. Serious steps are needed such as constitutional amendment that should clearly outlines the Kurdish rights for self determination, after all without Kurdish help, Ataturk could not had defeated the allied army and the Turkish state would have never existed. The Turks need to admit the atrocities committed against Kurds and others. Only then Kurds and Turk can coexist .
The world has wronged the Kurdish nation for over eighty years, it is time to do the right thing and let the Kurds decide their own destiny peacefully.

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The mere mention of historical Kurdish lands rises the hatred among non Kurds for simple fact that the majority of the area have been ethnically cleansed or assimilated by the non Kurds. Many Kurdish tribes in fact had to ware Arabic attire so they can save their people from the barbarism of non Kurds. Constitution for KRG is long overdue and should be voted on by people living in the Kurdish region.

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Kurds should stop blaming Baghdad when they have representatives holding senior post in the federal government. Dr. Salih and other Kurdish officials in Baghdad could have forced the issue of building refineries in the Kurdish region but they were too busy serving non Kurds.