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This...shouldn't be that hard to make. Scout's the logical choice for the 1st person, as he's got max manoeuvrability and the double jump, plus the weakest weapon. Unless it could be down Rockman Powered Up style in which after finishing the game you can play through again as one of the men (/woman, in case of Pyro)


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You return to World 9 (the warp zone), at the point where you can warp to worlds 2, 3 or 4.
And why did Mario lose coins when Sonic ran into him? Maybe he has to obey the laws of whatever world he ends up in.
Which means that if he warped to Contra world, those fireballs would fire in spreads....

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Why wear camo gear in a steel factory setting?

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I don't get it. Where's Balrog?

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Um, that's 9.8m per second squared. And it would only accelerate until the effect of friction against the onrushing wind al bla bla terminal bla when's Portal 2 coming out bla at least he's still alive bla thiswasatriumphi'mmakinganoteherewhat'shappenedtomybrainohmygodit'sfullof bars

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I've just got a horrible thought. At the end of the next Zelda game, after Ganondorf attacks you with a surprising multitiered boss battle, and you think it's all over, you wander into the castle ground to see...Cuccoos...hundreds of hundreds of cuccoos, just waiting for you.

Come to think of it, the final boss could be just one cuccoo. You'd still be stuffed.

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This is a gaming website. Why would people automatically assume the name "Bridget" is female?

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Um, sorry, but nothing happened to Pokemon. We all just grew up.

Talk to a 6 year old discovering Pokemon for the first time, and you'll realise that what they're treasuring is a whole host of little secrets that makes it their special world. They'll find the spicy poffins incredible and the concept of putting honey on trees amazing.

If you're old enough to remember R/B/Y, you'll play every other game wanting to have that same sense of wonder you had when you first realised who Giovanni was. But it's got less to do with the game, and more to do with how old you are.

Nothing really that wrong with the new games, but they are for children. So if you're happy to suspend disbelief and pretend to be a kid, you have to do the same thing for your expectations. Or, if you'd like to enjoy games for the experience, the stories, the shared heritage that being a gamer is, and most importantly the memories, then cool.

So, I intend to purchase HeartGold not because I want to be a ten year old again, nor because I want to rage about how they messed up the plot and put in the wrong extras. I just want to see if I can beat Brock's Onix with a pikachu.