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"The US is no saint, but Iran has countless human rights violations, is pursuing nuclear weapons, and funds terrorists."

Iran is no saint, but the US, Britain and Israel have countless human rights violations, huge nuclear weapons stockpiles and fund(ed) terrorists such as the Taliban, MEK, numerous brutal dictators across the world and committed hundreds of war crimes.

Anything else?

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"...must have been just cattle."

Ha! I chuckled, then realized how perversely true this is. Unless, as I suspect, people would be more horrified at the thoughtless obliteration of innocent cattle than the destruction of a person's life.

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Honestly, Turkey's refusal to acknowledge the Armenian genocide for what it is makes my stomach turn, as does our government's cowardly decision to downplay it in the interest of politics. Its crimes against Kurds and Cypriots are notorious, as well.

But my response to Bonnie's comment was kind of a knee-jerk reaction to the notion that some people are less "civilized" than others on the basis of ethnicity or religion; that's the type of superiority complex that results in ethnic cleansing and genocide. I mentioned Turkey's secular government to point out that it's unlikely they intend to revive the Ottoman empire, which was Islamic.

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You don't seem to actually KNOW anything about the country, just forming misguided opinions on the basis of Turkey = Muslim, Muslim = savage, etc, and some centuries-old grudge.

Turkey is a strictly secular country. So secular, in fact, that religion is suppressed in the government and military, and discriminatory laws are used against citizens who openly practice their faith.

"There is NO meeting ground between the islamic courtries and the advanced civilized West"

Gosh, it's too bad the Armenian genocide wasn't impressive enough to guarantee Turkey's entry into Europe's Uber-Civilized Holocaust Club.

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You're probably pissed off now, because Israel is a total dick and our government is completely impotent; but imagine, for a second, that you're a Palestinian in Israel's way.

That anger, the utter hopelessness, the knowledge that you have no recourse, no rights, no value and no way out - THAT is what motivates 20 year olds to become suicide bombers. A recruiter convincing them that it's religiously sanctioned is just a bonus.

For God's sake, sometimes I've lost the will to live just by reading these things.

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If anything, she would've been vetted to *ensure* that her loyalty is to Israel. Or maybe I've just become really, really cynical.

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Oh, Israel. So determined to dig your own grave.

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This is the first time I've seen it. Wow, great story; thank you for the link!

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So what you're saying is, although this is an unjustified war and an illegal occupation, it's THEIR fault for fighting back.

Well, maybe Iraqis have the same "fuck you" attitude towards the soldiers after seeing "countless numbers of their friends killed or maimed" by an invading army.

Would you have the same attitude about the deaths of embedded American reporters, because they were stupid enough to be in the presence of US soldiers who are - whether we like it or not - legitimate targets? The same reporters who cheered on the war and refer to Iraqi civilian deaths as "collateral damage".

The Iraqis didn't do this to you, didn't send you there, didn't kill your friends or mess you up. Your government took advantage of your willingness to fight for your country and decided you were expendable. Just remember that.