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He definitely said it. There's audio and video all over the internet. You can watch the video of Bloomberg saying that to Katie Couric here:

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Most Americans are the descendants of LEGAL immigrants who came here full of hope and dreams, not blame and complaints. If La Senora Benitez and El Senor Ramirez are unhappy with America's immigration laws and procedures and think that American living in the heartland have "a weird view of foreigners", there are planes back to their home country leaving every hour from most major airports. We have already exceeded our quota of people who don't appreciate America and all that she can offer. My best advice to this young couple is to get out of academia as fast as they can and meet real Americans. They will find that the "liberal circles" they have surrounded themselves with are the real bigots in our society.

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And with all this cold weather, where the heck is Al Gore???

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I am not one those people who believe that Seth should apologize or that Fox network should ban all future airings of this episode. Seth has a right to make his cartoon show and I support his right even if he does something I find unfunny or offensive. I enjoy my right to, in my small way, satirize his use of a cartoon show to promote a left wing agenda. Part of living in a free society is that you will find yourself offended by something someone says or does or believes. When that happens, it’s a blessing because it reaffirms the rights we have in America. Too many people nowadays are self righteous bores, either being offended themselves or afraid that someone may be offended. When they find an affront to their values or beliefs, they become indignant or angry like characters in some weird modern morality play. Being offended is wonderful! We should learn to revel in being offended and celebrate offensiveness. It is the heart and soul of being an American.

But leave the kids out of it. Kids deserve better than this.

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The amazing thing about this story is that the MSM is reporting it at all! For months, Rasmussen has been reporting the President's negative ratings amongst likely voters, but CNN, MSLSD and the majors like ABC,NBC,CBS have all but ignored the results as some sort of right wing propaganda. intentionally offensive political satire.

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It is past time that the writers of the DSM remove the pejorative terms "mentally ill", "schizophrenic" and "bipolar disorder". These terms stigmatize the reality-challenged in hurtful ways and cause untold emotional distress to persons whose neonatal cognitive assignments are in a minor variant of the spectrum of reality engagedness. These words are used by right wing political reactionaries to marginalize the mentally variant into de facto ghettoes of the mind. It is time to return to the more descriptive terms "whackjob", "screwball" and "Nutsy Fagin".

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We blogged about this a month ago at President Suit, Savior of the World and some readers thought we were exaggerating. Apparently not. More than the indignity and invasion of privacy, there’s no indication that these things will actually make us safer. There are reports that alQaeda trains jihadists in how to evade detection by using the same type of body scanners as a training tool. Many reports say that someone with explosives sewn into their underwear (like the so-called Underwear Bomber) would not have been detected by full body scanning.

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Gee, can we hope they’ll stun us by finally taking a bath,
shaving off their grungy Gabby Hayes beards
and giving equal rights to Iranian women?

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In his defense, the Prez was probably just thinking of all the corpses who voted for him in Illinois to get him where he is today. In some Chicagoland districts, the dead have historically outnumbered the living voters, even before the arrival of the nation's newest voting bloc, the Immigration criminals. PresidentSuit dot com.

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In Vanity Fair, Cameron admitted this was about US policy in Iraq. There are links to the Vanity fair article and other articles about the politics of AVATAR at