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Such a silly comment from a co-traveler of Robeson. I expected as much from frequent troll slomo. If any group practices thought policing today, it is the left. The elitists in the media and hollywood have conspired to create defacto speech codes and groupthink that limit honest dialogue and the results are so widespread and common that I find it humorous for the troll above to blather on as he did.

The unofficial HUAC? Give me a break. Such ridiculous old-school nonsense we've been hearing from Stalinists for almost 100 years now. We've got a hard-left, America-hating POTUS and slomo mentions HUAC. I suppose it's the bitterness that provides the irony.

Thanks for the laugh just the same.

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Zagging, take Stern's advice. Use your energy to convince your co-religionists to stop all the killing in the name of Islam and broadcasting said killings for everyone on earth to see. Their minds are those that need convincing and educating, not the readers of Frontpagemag. Really. Do it, and stop wasting our time with your links.

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Norma, don't you ever get tired of the same old cut and paste routine? You write the same dribble time and time again. You've been asked to provide evidence of your claims of things like vaginal probes being legislated by GOP reps, and you've never provided that evidence.

You're just another leftist troll with an anti-GOP axe to grind, and way too much free time. So go collect your Soros-funded $5, and pat yourself on the back for another influential, persuasive screed post on a conservative website. Bravo.

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how is that kool-aid tasting these days John?

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..speaking of small-minded trolls. Irony was never expressed with such clarity.

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isn't that exactly what trolls like yourself do? Bait the objects of your derision? Yet, you would howl about every sort of injustice if the same thing happened to you.

The point of having freedom of speech is that people will be offended and made uncomfortable. Democratic social institutions can only survive long-term when people are allowed access to and creation of all viewpoints regardless of whether groups feel "harassed" by those viewpoints.

The teets on the nanny state are being stretched so far one wonders how soon they will rupture.

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Why do leftist trolls keep repeating the old line about Iran's murderous intentions being in-part the US's fault? Why the insatiable need for moral equivalence? Why in inability to recognize evil as evil and call it so?

The answer is in the left's inherent hate of America's institutions and traditions. Until they are systematically dismantled, the left will find itself infatuated with our enemies and blame their sins on us. In psychology it's called "projection."

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Your comments are truly amusing. Thanks for the comic relief.

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Like maturin20, hashim is the REAL taliban; willing to kill, defame, shout down, and critically injure those that don't accept "Lifestyles of the Middle Ages" as enlightenment.

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But without conservative website comments sections, what would you do for work maturin?

At least Mr. Spencer writes honestly and uses his real name. You, on the other hand, enjoy the safety of a gutless online personna where you can troll to your Marxist content.