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Today the Bild said that Edward Snowden is a Russian agent and operative. Jerome Corsi said that "Obama" is a Russian operation.

Makes one wonder just how infiltrated we have become. Obama's known associations are all to communism - so it makes sense that Obama is a communist agent.

Yet, I can't shake that we're really looking at a Saudi Wahhabist. Otherwise known as the 20th Hijacker. He waited in stealth mode - and attacked from the inside.

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I don't buy that Zullo and Arpaio can't release the evidence because some traitors in Congress won't do anything. Reagan went around Congress and the Media right to the people. I don't buy that they have to wait for a new Congress or Trump to get this done.

You release it and put that imbecile in the corner and render him useless and unable to make any moves. Dithering put countless lives at risk because Obama continues to act like a foreign enemy combatant.

He'll only stop when he's stopped.

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How about one of his own sons? These guys seem brilliant. I would suggest Ivanka - but I know she just had a child and she's probably not interested in slugging it out with whatever leftwing nutcase the Democrats toss out there for the V.P. slot.

As another option - someone within business that isn't connected to Wall Street / Global Finance would probably suit me just fine, as long as that person has a proven record.

As for new blood - we need a Federal overhaul from top to bottom - military included. In my opinion, this is the Federal Government's last chance or they will be dissolved by the people.

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Gullible birthers took down Lying Ted Cruz. So, there's that. Only hardcore leftist traitors are still slobbering over their Kenyan Overlord in a dizzying display of worship.

Also, why does Obama's 'fundamental transformation' look exactly like 8th century Islam.

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Warehouse full of evidence. You must have missed that part.

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Trump is endanger of losing my vote if he selects Christie.

I don't want any establishment garbage on the ticket.

I'll go as far as Sessions but that's where I draw the line.

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Yeah, it's interesting how the boneheads reference microfiche - then omit it when specific dates mysteriously come up missing, like Obama's purported mother's return to the US minus one jug eared troglodyte.

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If you won't defend America - you're not an American citizen on any level. Pretty much sums up the entire Obama narrative in a sentence.

If you trash America and apologize for America - you're historically illiterate and likely a subversive.

When Obama calls founding documents pesky - he means those documents make it difficult for him and the elite to homogenize you into the new world caliphate where you become a slave to the brilliance of those that control economics, medicine, technology, finance, healthcare and freedom.

Obama - the post American Resident.

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The hallmark of an Obama propaganda hit-job - his trolls all disappear.

1. They don't want to defend the indefensible and waste their energy defending a moron. They know it too.

2. Blame the opposition. Launch threats.

3. Immediate residential executive or residential directive - via the pen and phone.

4. Road Show.

5. Vacation. All shootings miraculously stop while golfing. Beheadings are another story.

6. Hit-job within 48 hours of the return to Washington and a reason to look residential after bilking the taxpayers for another 10 million.

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Video -

He also confirms there was a THIRD perpetrator, who intentionally HELD THE EXIT DOOR SHUT so people inside the club COULD NOT ESCAPE.

BREAKING: Orlando Terrorist Worked For G4S, Company Hired By Obama To Transport Illegal Immigrants Inside US