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It's the Satanic content thats the main problem and having a Bible next to you won't do a thing. You can't have it both ways, you either play WOW and walk out of Gods protection and open yourself up to Demonic forces or you bin WOW and open yourself up for blessings.

You can't say a prayer like "please God protect me in WOW as I interact with demons, witches, spells, walk on Hex marks, Pentagrams, Divination, false Gods etc etc". If you place your hand in the fire it will get burnt. And just because some Christians live in complete denial about what you can and can't do is no excuse, read your bible and you will get all the answers you need. Listen to the Holy Spirit.

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Well Christmas 25th December is clearly not the day Jesus was born, I am well aware of that. This day was adopted by Christians to oppose these anti-Christian beliefs to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. On Haloween we have a party, not to celebrate Haloween but to celebrate jesus and pray against Satanists. So basically just because we celebrate the birth of Christ on 25th December does not mean we are celebrating a pagan festival.

Anyone can pick and throw scriptures about from the Bible and put them in all sorts of contects. You must take the Bible as a whole message, read it all and get it's true revelation and meaning. I know WOW is bad not because I found a passage in the Bible that says it's bad, although there are plenty telling us to not partake in anything that is not gloryfying God. I don't play WOW simply because the Holy Spirit has shown me the dangers of it and I have first hand experience of the Demons that you are opening yourself up too. One of them is Anger by the way.

By the way, you are so right, nothing can pluck you from his hand, but you can easily walk out from under it.

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The short answer is No.____Demons, Evil Spirits, Witches, Warlocks, Spells, hexes etc are all real, they are not fantasy from films or games, they are alive and well all over the place. If a game has you casting spells, performing rituals, dealing with magic etc then of course it's an abomination to God and is very dangerous. ____And if you need any Bible verses to prove this then you really need to just start reading your Bible, it's everywhere. And how some of you can even attempt to quote scripture to condone participation in sorcery is beyond me. Just because it's a game does not make it safe you know. The world is all made by rules, spiritual rules, Gods rules and the fact is Demons and Evil spirits are attracted by Witchcraft, Satanic symbols, Sorcery and the like, so if you do WOW you are walking right into Satans grasp and OUT of Gods protection, yes thats right.____One last thing as I am currently on my work break and have to dash. Stopping playing WOW is not enough, you need to repent (which is to turn away), ask forgivness and also seek some deliverance as there is a very high chance you may have picked up a few Demons.