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OMG Spike Jonze is directing it????? AHHHHH I'm so there! I think it will probably make me cry, but that just makes it so much better doesn't it?

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Well, I thought mine would never change. I thought he would fight me tooth and nail for joint custody, let his girlfriend verbally abuse me and throw tantrums whenever he could. Today he signed my custody papers. We were able to come to a compromise.

So, I guess miracles CAN happen?

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Wow as a feminst, I'm ashamed someone tried to hide behind that title while trashing another woman. As a single mom, once again we have to defend abilities as mothers. Maybe one day barbara will wake up and see that the rest of the world is leaving her behind in her ignorance, while the rest of us get on with our lvies.

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You may not have turned 30 on the 30th, but I think this birthday is about as golden as it gets! Can't wait to see your adventure videos on Ford.com

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Wow that camera takes a doosey of a picture! Of course its your artistic expression as well :)

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OMG I can't wait to see you in a magazine! I guess I won't be able to unless its online, but oh well, I'm still excited. We single mamas are definitely smokin' our own pipe of fabulousness.

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Ha ha Texas. I'm a Coloradan, so we have a love-hate relationship with Texas. We consider Texans invading locusts who come to feed on snow and elk hunting, but end up stranding their Hummers on the sides of mountains, and mistakenly shooting cows in someone's backyard. (No Offense Tonya! We also have that bumper sticker in Colorado)

I have met some really great people from Texas, so I can't say I buy into the Colorado snobbery completely.

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I just think its pointless to say "Well, maybe you SHOULD have done this, instead of this.." Single parents need to move on, and help each other along the way. Alaina, you keep on sending out those positive vibes, because thats what we need the most.

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We single moms are here to support each other, and that means positively cheering each other on, even when we feel discouraged a hopeless. Mssinglemama was doing just that. We know there are bigots and small-minded, ignorant people out there. Thanks for confiming it! All we can do is keep on proving you wrong by raising awesome kids and being great members of society.

Your comment brought nothing to enlighten us single moms, just reaffirmed the sad opinion of so many people who think that in a similar situation, they would have "known better".

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Rising above the pain of abandonment and empowering the single mom is what this world needs, not judgement, guilt and shame from outsiders. You can forever bemoan your past actions, accuse someone of not taking responsibility, but honetly what does that accomplish? NOTHING. I had sex with a "bad boy", yes, I have regrets (who doesn't), but because my daughter's father was an a**hole suddenly means I'm blaming him for everything? I don't think so. HE needs to take responsibility too.

I'm following up every day for my actions, by being a good mom and raising my daughter in a healthy, happy home. I'm not running off to find a "good guy" to fill my ex's place. How dare you belittle us with that gross generalizations.