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The ID Wall of Fame and Infamy

Created Account: Around S3-finale
Left S3/S4-Hiatus
Returned S5-premiere

First Following (accidentally): Polar (thick fingers and mobile phone)
First Unfollowing: Polar (I had no idea how following someone works ^^)
First Following (for real) Polar
First Follower CyberOctavia
Discovered Base: Spark's Profile in my first week

Comments: 1486
avg. Comment Length: 2001 (yus!!!) --> Now exactly 2k :)
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Hey Bandy,

Sadly I have no time for a "real" reply right now and when I come back Dinkus might already be in place. Is your dA-account led primarily by you and you only post Redead's pictures or is it a completely shared one? If disqus should be be online once I return I could sent you a note over there if it is not too "invading" or the like.

I hope we find a way to communicate and/or Seth and co really can make dingenskirchen worthwhile and not the off-the-shelf-hybrid it normally is. Until then I hope for the best and that whatever happened behind the scenes can be mended soon! It would be a real loss if you vanished and another reason for the "new" EQD to be a poorer place :(

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I think I will need to read more into it, will subfolders just vanish after the membership runs out? The other things will only make it look cool but subfolders are something I reeeeeeally want ^^

Alternating between making my old posts more dA-compatible, finishing my planned posts, continuing writing my fanfic and translating my old Pip-story. Sadly whenever I get in an active phase I keep distracting myself with more shiny stuff on top of the current one ^^

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Mostly for the settings and displays, with nested folders and the custom-widget being my main-reasons. It would also make me able to give my main-tables a nicer style.

Darn, sorry about that one ^^

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Yeah, most of them are just ones. In my first days I got about ten points this way, since then I get far less if I don't luck out on the few higher offers to uphold this average gain (I had one 2, one 5 and just now a ten). But a 600 is really something different ^^

I just replied to Redead about it, I love it! You know, when it comes to envisioning colours I am a total noob and was afraid about the conceptional scheme but the execution with the specific set of tone is perfect.

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Heya :)

Just saw the picture and it looks awesome :)
Thanks a lot!

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Once it is translated and it doesn't sound too stupid in English, yes. I love this character and want to share my love :)
I don't know if I have ever shared my name's backstory with you, so in short: I love peppermint and when I was active in LotR-RPs I named my Hobbit-OC after it. Well, I liked it, I liked her and over time it became my new handle, the old ones were either random garble or just stupid.

Yap, if you go to [your username]/badges there is the tab "Recent offers". You give a user a llama for free and get the stated amount of points in return. Had I been a tad faster I already had half a core-membership this way maybe somewhere in September or so if I get lucky ^^

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Heya Bandy :)

I just found the origin story of the "original" Piperita, so I guess the next few weeks could be interesting in translating it over and finally finishing it. And sweet Celestia what a story it was, I nearly feel ashamed about my newer writings now ^^

(And on dA I got an offer for 600 points for a llama but I was too slow -.-)

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$('ul.children').hide() and $('ul.children').show() emulate this behaviour, binding these functions to a show/hide-all button is not that big of a thing, sadly currently something interferes with individual comments, although it works when started purely from the terminal
(However, I gather this would also require a refresh button to work on new-comments when scripted on a "live"-thread).

I still have faint hopes that Seth or whoever implements the new software uses their admin-power to script a few functions that are basically essential on EQD, the discussions are THE unique draw the site has left for staying on it instead of just reading titles and vanishing.

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On good days yes, on the other hand this is in about eight hours ;)

I don't know where you are making your license, at my place there sometimes was the problem either finding empty parking spaces or finding some with actual boundaries, Wolfsburg simply is overdependant on VW with roads and parking spaces that are either breaking down or are completely over the top for such a small city ^^
Anyway, the good thing is that the extra-mirrors and experience from the teacher can take care of nearly everything, making them brake before stuff happens. Little anecdote: Parking nearly made me fail my exam because I needed hree tries and still was quite far away from the sidewalk. At least when you correct your mistakes yoursel unprompted and are nice to the guy in the back this is something they can safely ignore :)