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I heard Megan Kelly comment to a guest "I believe that the courts have ruled that if one parent were a us citizen their child is eligible to be president". That was an outright lie. Disgusting and shameful. She's an attorney if I'm not mistaken. She knows better. Megan Kelly is a worst a paid buffoon and at worst an outright liar. If it's the latter I hope she rots in hell.

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I second that. Arpaio and Zullo, STOP FUCKING OFF AND GET THE INFORMATION OUT. Every day that goes by our country and world suffer. People are dying because of Obama. A\Z worried about the right timing? That ship has sailed. When the info finally does come out Congress will jerk us around for awhile anyway. That just adds to the wait. A\Z.....the longer YOU wait, the more blood YOU have on your hands. If Obama does leave office at the end of his term before he is thrown out, what will be his last act? ....the pardon of thousands of criminals by a criminal. Mark my words. Absolutely disgusting what this piece of crap has done to this country. So sad.

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Arpaio has a chance to go down in history as the greatest Sheriff of all time. All he has to do is release the evidence. Some say there are legal hurdles. Nonsense. I don't think he or Zullo are afraid of being sued personally, Arpaio for sure. After the truth comes out and everyone sees what a total liar Obama is, no court in America would ever convict. I don't think A\Z have anything to be afraid of. Riots like Ferguson if Obama is dragged out of office? Different outcome my friends and rightly so.

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not sure if you're talking about me, but I've been on this site for years, just under a Guest log in. Isn't everyone for the cause welcome anyway?

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I like the guy, I really do. But, he's not eligible to be president. That's a fact. Would I love to see him run and win, just to get even with Obama's people for electing that traitor? Yes I would. Cruz is brilliant. I wish him the best. I think he's perfect as a senator and that's where he should stay. He's one of the most articulate speakers I have ever listened to and he loves this country and our constitution. I hope whoever runs in 2016 is half the man he is.

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Maybe that was before he tore the S**T out of his mother's house to find it. He found it, gave it to Zullo and told him to shove it up Barry's ass when the time was right. Sounds like a good scenario to me.

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My money says her brother found it and Zullo has it.