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All I can think of to say at the moment is... .Bummer!!

Maybe I should have just kept my mouth closed. :-)

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Those are GREAT. And oh so true. I actually won't use papyrus anymore because of how much it is over used. Nice font, but there are others out there as well.

Have to admit, this is the first time I have seen the flaming letters of importance. Can you BUI them as well? Just asking! :-)

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I was a sleep-walker myself as a child. My dad caught me getting on my bike in the garage once. So I guess he gets it honestly. "Provide comfort - not reason" This is great advice and we use it when we can. Unfortunately, he has enough reason to know he isn't getting what he is asking for. Wanting to see the train in the living room for example. He didn't want to see it in the morning, be wanted to see it then. Much of the time agreement works. When it doesn't it get interesting. :-) Thanks for the comment!

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Thanks for the comments. We had to expand our lesson yesterday to include the food chain. Apparently thousands of small tadpoles in a shallow puddle makes easy picking for our local feathered friends. So far our captive tadpoles are fairing better then their brother and sisters.

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It is never easy to be the single parent, but it is nice to have the reminder now and then of exactly what you husband, or wife, does. It is so easy to take them for granted. Thanks for sharing as a reminder to the rest of us!

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I expect we will get that that day soon. Right now the object of choice is rocks. I have a new rock waiting for me when I get home from work almost every day. Humm... maybe rocks are nicer than bees. :-)

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Thanks for the comments guys/ gals. Fatherhood is an important part of who I am. Just like motherhood, it is a lot of hard work. I enjoyed getting to share a little about it. Que, I was hoping you wouldn't fine out I used you as a model. Oh well. ;-)

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I don't know that you gave too much information. There real concerns and real decisions of faith to be made on this subject. I have friends like yours that believe any planning or manipulation of family size is plain wrong. I also have those that hold dearly that God gave us modern medicine so we had better use it. I expect the truth is somewhere in the middle. You brought up the internal battle of finding that truth and I am sure you are not alone. We have been there too.

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Wow, thank you for your comment Beth. I am glad this gave you something to think about. Just to be clear, I am not saying that one is better than the other. Ultimately, parents have to make this choice for themselves given their desires and personalities. Hopefully Godly wisdom will be sought as well. I am pretty sure that there is no need to feel guilty regardless of that choice.

This was simply the thoughts my wife and I are working through and some information we found. It made us think and converse and I am glad it is for others as well. I am very glad you took time to comment. I am positive the Lord will provide an answer if you keep seeking Him.

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I was waiting for your post. :-) The E*Trade commercials are good. I just like the disco skating better. :-) Thanks for the links! I knew there were a lot out there and could include them all. I like the milk-a-holic one just because I think it is funny that they got sued over it.