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First, nice photoshop job guys! Next time make the persons behind the advert more crystal clear and try not to use too much Gaussian blur.

It doesn't matter what I, nor anyone else thinks. It is what Adam thinks and obviously he is comfortable being who he is. Personally I think he is extremely talented and is 100% original. If he wasn't talented he would not have made it past the judges, but what has made him a star is being who he is vocally and physically. The vocal sty lings, make-up, the costumes and all!

Embrace diversity, or go jump off that bridge with everyone else, while us diversified, respecting, and accepting people make the world better after all the rest of you are gone.

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LMAO! Here I thought I was just blaming five of these things on my past life as a human who had lived before! Wow! I'm actually an alien!

Question, "So Heavens Gate wasn't a cult? Doe was telling the truth about leaving on a spaceship behind HailBop, and needing quarters in space? Is Tom Cruise my leader??"

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LMAO! Orneuve just sent me an email saying he is living in Hollywood and making tons of money working in the horror movie industry! He also said the government should watch out because politicians brains are a big craving of his now!

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Still I've read this magazine for for years for the off the wall stories and do the same type of stories and writing in my free time for friends and family.

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Remember people, this is Weekly World News... The stuff they publish is purely for entertainment purposes only. Now Tupac isn't the only celeb they have done this to. They have done pictures and stories of Elvis frolicking with munchkins while he performed for the wizard of oz.... Let alone they created Bat Boy a little boy who is a vampire bat who visits outer space.

It would be great if Tupac were alive... but still... If he was, he would give an interview to the Enquire before this magazine... Let alone, I doubt he would be talking about his joy of knitting...