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Yes, but this is assuming he's even done a search for Uncharted. Considering the rumors about casting and plot, the director hasn't looked at anything to do with Uncharted; he was probably just told the name of the series, main character (maybe a couple side characters) and a general idea about relics/antiques and then he went from there with his own tangent.

There's zero chance of me seeing this film...unless the director is fired and a completely new creative team is brought in to work on it, and the casting is improved.

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I think it will be interesting to see how they make the 10 year progression work. I agree that there is an issue as to what times or events are considered "key" or "important" to the story, and what is missed or not told in depth. Though, since Bioware seems to put together decent games, I'm not too worried.

Also, from how I read the article, it seems the idea is to allow the gamer to see the consequences of his/her choices faster, or at least do it with a sense of time passing. That's one issue I have with the linear games, if the sense of how much time has actually gone by; everything is sort of static, so while some things may change, its hard to really have a feeling of passing time. I think if this is done well, it will work out better, giving a sense of large and important choices being made, seeing what happens from it and knowing time has gone by.

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One thing I love about Lucas: he has a sense of humor.

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I thought the new Trek was good. Definitely good enough to make me want to see the sequel.

I agree about the writers though. And that can be a good or bad thing. Good, because it can bring in new things and shake up the mold a bit which, when done well, gives new life to a series. Bad, because it can just take what old fans like about the series and ruin it.

With people like that, I'd let them write a preliminary script, then have someone with a bit more care look over it to perhaps strike a balance.

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Yeah, I think the changes were the point of the whole parallel universe storyline. This isn't the same timeline of the original crew, it is an alternate one where, as you said, they can do whatever they want.

Its actually a very good idea. They get to go on making Star Trek the way they want, and it doesn't really infringe on the originals because its a completely different timeline. So, there isn't any screw ups in this Star Trek, because its different.

As for the different sound and visual effects: seriously? Who cares?

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Since I haven't seen Man on Fire, I can't say exactly. But Taken was lacking in both those areas; the story and drama could have been better. The action was very good.

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So, wait... The Taken Strikes Back?

Since the daughter was the one taken...does that mean she strikes back? And if so, how?

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Old Republic all the way.

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This could be awesome or horribly awesome, hopefully it falls into those categories.

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I'm still a huge fan of Star Wars. Yeah, mostly the original series--saw Jedi when I was eight, and when they went back to theaters a few years after that...I was hooked. I still enjoy the prequels, but they definitely don't hold up against the original trilogy.

Do like some of the expanded universe. I've read my share of the books, which are very hit or miss. Mostly I kind of like what was being done with the really Old Republic.

But I tend to try and come up with my own stories, even if they ignore canon.