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I like it. Thanks.

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I don't get this preaching of the Law. I understand Walther's point. I agree with it. But even if such a hypothetical person as Walther imagines existed, we would not know it. If such a person were in our pews we would sin in preaching the Law to him in this way, because he would appear as a sincerely repentant and confessing person. We cannot see into the hearts of men. So also to preach the Law here as Walther does seems to undermine the confidence we have in the objective, external Word. Notice that Walther is saying that those who are baptized, who hear the Word of God, who know the pure doctrine, know that it is true and defend it, and are ever so pious, might not be real Christians. I suppose this could convict the hypocrite secretly among us. But I fear that it would do more to burden the consciences of those whose consciences should be freed and directed to the objective things. The only way we can know we have a heart reborn of the Holy Spirit is by the things Walther here puts into doubt: Baptism, the preached Word, etc. If we look anywhere else, we will be led to despair or self-righteousness.

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I wonder if Luther's emphasis is slightly off here. Our Lord promises to send the Holy Spirit immediately, that they would bear witness of Him. They will be condemned as heretics but will not be heretics. The Holy Spirit will testify of the Lord through the Apostles. They will, indeed, have the doubts that Luther articulates because of this. The attacks will come from within the Church. They will be put out of the synagogues. It will be disheartening and they will fear that perhaps they are heretics. They should then remember that the Lord breathed His Spirit upon them and then sent Him again on Pentecost, that what they preached, that for which they were hated, was the testimony of the Spirit to the Lord in them and not their own words. Thus the comfort comes not from a new sending of the Spirit for the sake of comfort after the assaults but from the initial and on-going sending of the Holy Spirit in their preaching.

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Why don't you come up with something like this for each season? And give it to me at the beginning not the end. Seriously, I love these. I've used your other inserts. I would have used this if I'd gotten before day 41 of 50. You should do the whole church year. These are very nice, succinct, helpful.

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Great post, and great questions, not easily or quickly answered.

Maybe this can be an imperfect start. We should never indulge the flesh. We would not say to a Christian addict who wants a fix that he can't help it, that it is part of his disease, so he should just give into it. Likewise I think the answer for you is always, in your words, “get off your butt and get to work!”

Yet, while there is no time to indulge the flesh, there is a time for encouragement and rest. In Christ, we are given rests we have not earned. Perhaps the answer is: "stay on your butt and don't work, nothing is required of you."

That doesn't work with the addict, though, does it? We can't say to the addict, give into your addiction. This is part of what makes depression so difficult for me as a pastor. When is it resting in the Gospel according to Christ's gifts and when is it indulging the flesh? When do we accommodate the symptoms and when do we draw battle lines?

I am at least as uncertain as you are in all this. But it does seem to me that your question is about how to apply Law and Gospel. Luther wasn't exaggerating when he said that is the highest art.

Thanks for raising this.

- Petersen

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Nice post. Thanks.

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The first preaching lesson to be un-learned from the seminary is to stop trying to "preach the text." Preach the day.