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Thanks for the input, Serge. You've hit the nail on the head in figuring out why the 3-series has been the class benchmark for 25 years and counting.

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You're right. China is a market that can no longer be overlooked. And I think that hybrid assistance will soon be commonplace on all vehicles in North America as costs come down and fuel economy regs tighten up, but for the time being it's a marketing exercise that I don't feel comfortable recommending to anyone.

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A "great writer"?? Well, thank you, that means a lot to me.

Dave and I had a wonderful time in the Peg, and it wouldn't have been so special without a fantastic host :)

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Without the past, how can we judge the present and future? Life, happiness, and the automotive industry are contextual.

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Joakim, if you ever do get your hands of one of these beauties, be sure to send us the pictures to info at carenvy dot ca!

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As a young man of 24, I’d consider myself a “youngster”, and I would take the 964 RS in a heartbeat over the Cayman R. A young friend of mine has a Cayman S (the bugger), and it is an impressive machine, but it’s nowhere near as visceral as a 964 RS. That’s still quite a bit of money to spend on any car for a youngster, seeing as how we haven’t had the years to accumulate much wealth, so I think that a 964 Carrera 4 is a more realistic target. For me, at least.

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The 5.0 had plenty of juice, both inside the cabin and under the hood. I personally prefer the under-hood variety, as I'm sure you do as well.

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A Chrysler product that you might actually want to own. Now I’ve seen it all.

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You just had to knock the stuffing out of Car, Evo, and TG magazine, didn't you? Now I won't be able to spend $13 on a two-month old magazine ever again.

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I hope so too Bruce, the GT is probably the best performance car bargain this side of the Nissan GT-R.