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Self-delusion, exactly. I work or visit with a small group of progressives and the self-delusion just comes out of the leffield when you try to engage them in discussion or should I say when they get heated and raise their voice like I will understand their point if it is yelled at me.

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Bingo, the left always signals it's intentions ahead of time.

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Ditto that, Yephora.

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Ummm, you know, I'm reaching now hold on it will come to me, yes apologist, yea that's it official apologist.. I think throwing Mr. Wiiliams under the bus the way NPR did has the left a little off balance. Never fear the talking points will be clarified by Friday.

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Thank you "Public" radio for protecting me from Juan Williams types.

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Where are you NRC, Michael Steele? Open up the checkbook stand up to the plate and start hiting these softballs. Jesus Christ
Republican Party,days away from the election and you still hide behind the trees afraid someone will see you.
Well by now you should know being a wimp doen't win elections. Don't be afraid of what the New York Times, Wash. Post has to say, man up.

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Actually what you may met in the AM is second and third generation anchor babies that have refused to assimilate. This is the catagory that is punishing America for not enforcing our present imigation laws.

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Ted and Robert B. are both rotting in hell right now. Perhaps Sen. Reid could obtain a day pass to visit them once he meets St. Peter.

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One word "COMCAST".