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He refers to Germans and to Berliners. Is he a Swiss man giving a speech in Berlin or is he a German man?

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I would need you to explain this idea in twice as many sentences. I can't follow your logic.

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I can't remember what the demographics are right now, but soon, won't there be so many Palestinians that they can overrun Israel? I am thinking that at some point, wouldn't people who want to destroy Israel withhold money to Palestinians to force them into such a desperate situation that they would knock down the walls and overrun Israel?

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.32-.39 referring to Dick Chaney:
" He is responsible for the deaths in New York City at the Pentagon and the plane crash in Pennsylvania"

Sounds like a TRUTHER

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Imagine if someone dared to make a sympathetic movie about people plotting to kill Obama.

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I agree. It is very scary. And if this is true about Islam and lying, swearing on the Quran is of no value.

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Right, and it works with the threat of violence behind it. Sort of "speak loudly and have your friends carry big sticks".

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Chairman Mao ornaments? Really? Can you provide a link for this?

As I listened, I was thinking of a blog post I read earlier today about Mao being the greatest mass murder in the history of the world. And Mao was an atheist. So, maybe failing to acknowledge a higher power can lead to a failure to acknowledge the fundamental right to life.

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Hi pnipi,

That's right, but a long time ago. There's a lot of us who had communist sympathies at 20, but weren't thinking that way when we turned 40. However, he supports Obamacare so I don't think he had the epiphany.

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Hi NutsnBolts,
I think you are right. Certainly Rove hurt himself more than he hurt her. And may have actually helped her raise money by attacking her.