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I too just completely hated the kicking the security keypad plot device. Also I was literally yelling at the TV several times "Don't take the short cut!" "Don't talk to the artifacts you idiot" and to Mica and Claudia " Just leave Pete behind just leave him already!" "Don't take off the gloves!" BTW: the Artie sub story was clearly just a plot device to get him out of the warehouse so wackiness could ensue.
HUGE plot holes and character stupidity aside, this was my favorite episode. I love Claudia. In fact here is my series idea: Artie goes off to find McFearson and we never hear from him ago. Pete and Mica get killed. And then it is just the Claudia show. All Claudia all the time.

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Roth: I agree 100% that the concept of making Bill "good' and Eric "bad" is a huge mistake. So far it has just made Bill seem like a big A-hole instead of a hero. My point - which I didn't really articulate - is just that AS is such an amazing talent that Eric isn't a villain because AS doesn't believe he is. Maybe (probably) AB was trying for menacing I'm going to eat the children but AS totally worked it so that instead we just love him more. IMHO.

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I loved absolutely loved the concept of Mica going into the mirror and her image coming out but as usual they screwed up a great concept. I didn't get the Alice thing at all - it would have been sooo much better if it had really been Mica - bizzarro Mica! This was the first episode that I actually liked Mica - not surprising that would happen because she was totally not Mica. And did anyone notice that fake Mica was much smarter than real Mica? Unfortunately, they lost me towards the end of the episode and I fell asleep. I missed how they recaptured her and yet I can't seem to care.

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I really admire your dedication at being able to review Warehouse 13. I wouldn't be watching if I had something better. Roth - you totally cracked me up until I was literally crying. Thanks for that. I did love the Claudia episode and the character of Claudia but I don't agree will you on Pete. He is to quote Jessica dumber than a sack full of hammers. Mica is not much better. Most of the concepts are not original enough to grab my attention. The Claudia episode actually had some scifi and was kind of spooky too. The idea of Claudia's brother being trapped for 12 years. That was good. As always, I enjoy you guys probably more than most things on TV.

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That was so funny I nearly peed my pants! Sookie... Sookie... Sookie,,, That is SO Bill!

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I loved this episode and I think think you gave an awesome review of it. I’d agree on most of your points - except Godric. I can’t tell you how much I’m loving Godric! Sure, the script had too many preachy lines for him and even I was ready to yell enough already with the ‘teaching moments’ but Allan Hyde does such a fantastic job that I don’t mind at all. He plays Godric so perfectly that you don’t need to be reminded that he is 2000 years old. My favorite part of the episode - every second Eric and Godric were together. That dynamic is so well played they they hardly have to say a word. I loved all the same wonderful one liners and witty exchanges as you and every one else. Loved the awesomeness that is Eric. But my most favorite scene is one that I haven’t seen anyone else mention. It was played so subtly and nearly broke my heart. Eric tells Godric that he has lined up an AB blood donor - extremely rare. Godric replies “Thank you, I’m not hungry”. In those three words he conveys so much boredom, exhaustion, depression ... You can see the worry on Eric’s face. He tries again smiling, the fellowship couldn’t have had much to offer. Godric doesn’t even answer this time. The look on Eric’s face broke my heart! Sure, then he waxes preachy again when Eric asks why he didn’t leave when Eric came for him. But even then, he come across as ever so bored and tired of it all. I'm really sad that they will probably kill him off.