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Hey, Justin! You can add Fox News victims to the list! Justin, see the comment above so you can analyze the Ron Paul syndrome of subject: "Mark." "Mark" laments the lack of fetal transplant as an option to unwanted pregnancy. You see, Justin, "Mark" is just another male chauvinist who wants to tyrannize women - brutally - with state-sanctioned surgical procedures. "Mark" isn't aware that Paul has spoken out in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on occasions too numerous to count stating that the act to end the Jim Crow Era, "Undermined the concept of liberty and Destroyed" privacy. "Mark" opposes Affirmative Action because he is blissfully unaware what segregation is or was or the impact of the Jim Crow Era on African-Americans. To top that, "Mark" opposes universal healthcare, a human right enjoyed by citizens of every other advanced democracy on the face of our tiny planet. "Mark" even goes so far as to blame the DOE for the decline in SAT scores. Libertarian "Mark" blames the "people (who) are so stupid and evil" that they deny themselves the Liberty to have the state intervene surgically into the vaginas of pregnant women; to segregate society; to impose affirmative action and universal healthcare on the unwitting populace. My guess is that "Mark" will write in "Ron Paul" for president.

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Justin Raimondo: Please, take note - racists and gun-crazies are commenting on your blog.

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Ron Paul was very good until you glanced over his domestic record: 100% Pro-Life; 100% pro-gun; Opposed the Civil Rights Act; Affirmative Action and the fundamental concept of Women's rights. More? Opposed universal health care; opposed the Dream Act - I could go on, but Paul was a total disaster on domestic policy. Would you seriously say a candidate who wants to abolish the Departments of Education; the EPA, HUD, Commerce and Interior is your kind of candidate? Huh? Seriously?

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Justin is dead right. Vote a straight Democratic ticket - it's the only way.

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Sadly, most of the comments missed the point. Deepak Chopra is warning against the destructive propensity of the Reptilian brain and urging the adoption of cortical decision-making. Reptiles have small brains, and mammals have much larger and more sophisticated brains. Netanyahu and his ilk operate with the reptilian brain, while enlightened leaders from Gandhi to Mandela operate with the cortical brain - the larger brain of the mammals. Chopra is saying we need to behave less like reptiles and more like mammals. He is dead right.

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So, we really don't have any option except to keep Romney from becoming President.

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Dempsey is the best, brightest and boldest Chair of the Joint Chiefs we have ever had. Dempsey vetoes Israel's nonsensical whimsy of a unilateral strike against Iran - a fantasy dreamed up by Sheldon Adelson, czar of the Sands and Macau casinos, and his hand-picked bought-and-paid-for boy, Mitt Romney. Bravo for General Martin Dempsey!

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And that alternate reality is a neocon paradise where America is the Empire and the Muslims are the wicked villains - fit for cannon fodder along with the Africans, the Asians, Latinos and all yellow, brown and tan races. Sessions is from Alabama, a land of milk and honey - for white folks only.

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MvGuy - you should try selling your peculiar brand of foul-smelling neocon snake oil to the readers of Front Page. Dempsey is emerging as the best and possibly greatest Chair of the Joint Chiefs ever. Go rattle your gourd on the neocon and crypto-fascist websites, your mojo won't work on

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Romney aimed his horrible speech straight at the audience of Fox News. Romney deliberately dumbs down the presidential selection process to manufacture more imbeciles who might believe his load of rubbish about his support for Motherhood and his love of his wife and family as qualifications for the Oval Office. Bravo for Justin swallowing his pride and condemning that moral imbecile Rand Paul. I have heard quite enough about the inanities of the Pauls from Justin, and I hope that he will live and learn - they are stupid and appalling monstrosities. Name them and shame them.