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Iowa 46

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"One line in the UI catalog that describes an auditing class goes “improve critical-thinking and analytical skills in the context of real-world problems involving risk.”

That sounds like middle linebacker."

That is classic. Well done, Marc.

I'm excited to see Tarp and Tyler this season. I'm very confident in Hunter.

Good read, for sure.

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Great read, Scott. He is a big reason why this will be our best D-line under Ferentz. The first four are absolutely great, but everybody needs a breather occasionaly, and to have guys like Mike and Lebron.....that is priceless.

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Good for Drew. He'll always be one of my favorite Hawkeyes after that amazing 2004 season, finished off with the Capital Catch.

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“Gender in Society.” Wow. That is weird. I had that class, too. What's funny though is tjere was only one other guy in the class, and he played football ( early 90's) . It was Mike Wells. He was a great guy, and we were always looking over at each other and rolling our eyes.

What a horrible class if you're a guy.

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Ohio St

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I think we're just waiting on Notre Dame. Once they climb aboard....hello Rutgers.

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His coach said: "He’ll work hard to prove the schools around here wrong.”

I love players like that. Those guys have done really well in the Iowa program.

And Marc, thank you for all the great reads lately. It really helps getting through the summer.

When is the Big Ten kick-off in Chicago? That usually marks the beginning of the beginning for me?

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Oh oh. How long before we here "DJK is in the doghouse?" :)

Great stuff, as always, Marc.

Do you think James Ferentz will have much of an advantage now at the Center position with Josh sitting it out? Is Josh injured?