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Coverage of this issue focussed on the experiences of a small group of people who have a vested interest in their being a story. What I haven't seen is any coverage of what impact the problem is having on the millions of regular customers who have bought the phone. Are they satisfied? Are they returning the phone? We have only Apple's word that they aren't.

Why haven't we had any real journalism on this issue?

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I do this but I don't drag select the text I'm reading, I triple click to select the paragraph I'm reading. This has become a problem as sites start to hijack the clicks to do non-standard things like pop-up definitions of the word you clicked on.

Some sites seem to have responded to this. On the New York Times site for awhile double clicking a word would open definition window. Now it properly selects the word but shows an icon you can click to see a definition. Better behaviour for click selectors like me. :)