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This is one stage in the possibilities that can be applied according to experience. Obviously not a beginners choice.

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This was a question asked and a response given. I can only add guesses to the quote and I would guess that the context here for reflection is around futility. Plus I would guess some lack of interest in cultivating insight into the nature of what drives us to continue to act in this way or even interest in looking at what is.........?

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I guess the deeper meaning of what it is to 'really live' in this world is what we need to discover and experience whilst negotiating its more incomprehensible moments.

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Lovely quote, you have a source?
On another tack I am reminded of a principle from Āyurveda which talks about all things can be inappropriate if used 'too much' 'too little' or 'wrong'. Can be applied very easily to light and darkness.

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Your question does the knee look healthy could have another question added in that does the spine look healthy.
The concept of primary and secondary characteristics as a guide to adapting āsana might be considered when looking at the relationship and trade off between focusing on either spine or legs in a pose such as is illustrated above with utthita pāda paścimatānāsana.

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Thank you for the advice. Very helpful to a novice blogger.

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Curious as to how asmita jnanam can be justified as being without subject or object?