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contact your organiser a branch meeting is imminent

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It would be interesting to find comments and pictures of these people over the collapse of the Berlin wall. I bet there are pictures of them cheering, probably not for the same reasons as most people that the communist oppresion was over, but rubbinng their hands with glee and cheering the opening of the flood gates for their ideology to spread throughout the rest of Europe.

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thats OK, Friday is a better day for a celebration anyway!

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I think Pink Floyd wrote a song about this didnt they ?

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Best of luck Chris!, Basildon and East Thurrock could do no better than having such a dedicated nationalist defending them in parliament.
All at Epping Forest Branch wish you the best of British!!!!!

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It will be interesting to see the outcome of this venture. I think the Muslims will see straight through the happy clappy brigade. The problem with the liberal "Christian" is that they have no rigid set of guide lines as to any form of argument or debate, they are like chameleons, constantly changing!
At least the Muslims have a common cause, but will they accept the bartering of the liberal regime? The idea that if you are nice to everyone and see no problems or evil anywhere then we can all get along is quite simply ludicrous.
I cant see Islam accommodating liberal wrist wringers telling them how and what to believe can you?
Lets see the Methodist church amalgamate with the mosques, It would be a surprise to hear the Imams advocating Jesus Christ as the saviour of all sins, but I can see Methodist ministers telling all their dwindling and ageing congregation that Islam is OK, If they welcome it with open arms and they all pretend to love each other , that The mosques will let them join in with Christian worship!
The only thing these lot oppose is the simple passion for patriotism and national pride.
Shame on them!

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Well done everyone!

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The Rev West and the CCOB are fully supported and will always be welcome in Epping Forest.
The idiots that dabble around the edges of the Christian faith should really listen to men like our Rev West. He tells it how it is and is empowered by his convictions.
The wishy washy Bishops should take note of how to be men of conviction and could learn a lot from this man.

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can the amount of interests that this company have, be a conflict in the realms of national security?
They manage other countries as well that cant be right.
It highlights the fact that in Christmas Island the our Govt services can detain illegal immigrants for Australia, but not in the UK. Oh yeah I forgot now the EUSSR owns us there is free travel and movement within the EUSSR , that's why they don't stop them! Free movement for all other state members, other than the English!

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The carbon trading scheme is little more than selling fresh air! It is a tool designed to help implement the global earth government,by asset stripping the richer nations. This also helps to bring the UK down to poverty level of the poorer EU member states, so we are all "equal" in line with their Marxist ideology.
Whilst there are reports of pet ownership being against the environment
It is only going to lead to the more sinister issues being bought to light. We as a nation have many more "old people" than the rest of the majority of the EU states and they will be a drain on the resources. How can the machine warrant the expense of UK pensioners to other countries that do not have an ageing population for various reasons such as poverty or conflicts?
When will the real EU solutions be announced to this matter? I would expect not until after the general elections at least!