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Israel: We're unique! We're special! We're exceptional! We're beautiful! We're God's favorite! We can do whatever we want. We have minions in every nation on earth. We own the US. Canada is our door mat. We rule!

We will have as many nuclear weapons as we want! Of course, we support non-proliferation for everyone else.

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I think it is urgent that we [the US] reexamine our relationship to Israel. Recalling what Israel did to the USS Liberty should give us a proper context to reevaluate. Clearly, Israel is the problem, not Iran.

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I would wager this latest "bin Laden" tape is a CIA all the others. Bin Laden is dead, probably since 2001. The FBI still does not have a case against bi Laden. With no incriminating evidence, the FBI does not believe bin Laden had anything to do with 9-11. A growing number of intelligence people and government officials indicate the "al Qaeda" boogeyman is another fiction created by the CIA and the Mossad. This fiction suggest a substantial CIA/Mossad involvement in 9-11. Justine just doesn't get it.

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Is this a distraction engineered to divert Russian attention from an Israeli/US attack on Iran? It appears a dangerous escalation of tit for tat between Russia and the West is reaching critical dimensions.

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Besides the fact that a thirty year old "al Qaeda " member living in a fourth world nation, far removed from Iraq or Afghanistan, the United State, who cannot represent any credible threat to the US or its military, we must ask how disparate for us things have become that we concoct such a story to justify the doings of empire?

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Moron! Rasmussen is a moron! Afghanistan is an absolutely pointless, immoral and economically ruinous NATO endeavor. The war keeps going on and Rasmussen will need his quagmired troops in Afghanistan back in Europe to quell an angry and unemployed populace.

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Israel is want to destroy the long term possibility of Iran's nuclear sophistication, which means war and occupation in any case. The decimated intelligentsia in Iraq provides a model which Israel hopes to carry out with US help in Iran.

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Fred Reed is a wonderful, poignant writer. But most thinking Americans, those with conscience, live exceedingly private lives, giving over the ruling of our society from Generals to local Sheriff, from President to Alderman, to idiots and mindless jerks.

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Cantor is a piece of work alright. He plays on the political ignorance of his largely Baptist constituency, who believe Israel's fate is integral to the Biblical "Last Days" unfolding and their much hoped for and inevitable rapture to wherever.

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It is unlikely President Obama will listen to reason and leave Afghanistan any time soon. We should consider the President thoroughly brainwashed on the issue. However, should the US economy continue its merry collapse, accompanied by hyperinflation, the President may be forced to act against his own inclinations and precipitously end the wars and occupations.