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Ahh how convenient. There's a distinct pattern emerging around your mudslinging Angela.

The worst part is, even on the off chance there was truth to this claim, considering the dodgy source and your avoidance of facts at all costs, it's likely to be blown off as more of your baseless bullshit. I reckon the emerald developers are secretly smiling that their most rabid opponents can't go 5 minutes without saying something retarded and making fools of themselves.

Btw, if you weren't so obviously impaired, your blog might be more than a stagnant backwater.

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What a crazy illogical statement. You're happy to write a blog article, but refuse to reveal the supporting evidence you found, "bc I already knew that is the exact type of stupidity that someone would pull out of their nether regions."

I mean you don't even make sense. Try to cook up a better quality of bullshit before posting - this is just insulting.

In the same manner as your weird sexual harasser comments above, you don't feel the need to back any claim up with a scrap of evidence, and will not discuss the nature of the "encrypted data" you claim to have found, much less post it. Aren't you curious as to what your "encrypted data" might contain? Maybe somebody here could open it up and reveal the personal information info hidden within by the evil Emerald consortium.

Oh wait, that would be the logical thing any normal person would do, but not for you and your aluminum foil hat.
You say people should go do their own checks, well those that have (see above) found nothing. Are they also on the Emerald payroll secretly conspiring against you?

Even the casual observer can see you're an imposter Angela, and not even a good one at that.