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Cluff said The baptism of the Holy Ghost is a full immersion event when the Holy Spirit fills our hearts and our whole souls with testimony.

On the evangelical side, I sort of agree with this. Our re-birth as a Christian comes when the HS fills us with testimony that Jesus is the Christ (to simplify it a bit). However, your statement bothers me. In LDS tradition, 8 yr olds are baptised and then through guys laying their hands on the child's head they receive the Holy Ghost. First of all, no one but the LORD can give someone the HS; secondly, if you truly believe your statement, then how can you know that an 8 yr old is ready to receive that? Baptism isn't magic. It's not a magical event where a bunch of guys channel their holiness and tell the HS to start dwelling in a child. Baptism is a symbol. It's a physical sign of what has ALREADY happened internally -we have died to our old selves and been reborn, raised to a new life in Christ. This is a decision that every person must make on their own, it should not automatically happen because one is a certain age and is subject to the influence of family and friends.

I guess my point is something along the lines of: that moment when the Spirit fills us and we know we are saved is so tremendous, how can we "force" that onto children so young?