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Interesting idea. After all, it could be argued that the 50 percent of Americans paying to support the other half is well...the new face of slavery in America. Based on that, another country could justify arming radical groups in the US to "set right" this modern evil in our country. There are a hundred reasons one could argue for destabilizing our country, some are valid. I wonder what we will say when, not if, a nuke is smuggled across the Southern boarder and is used to takeout OUR evil leaders!

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Let me see; a group of thugs get Western aid and encouragement to violently attack the sitting government, then in public they rape and murder their former leader and put themselves in charge. Now what I don't get is how a little thing, relative to torture, is even something to speak of. It's like the media reporting that Jeffry Dommer is being "rude" to his dinner guest. Since the media is so clueless, what I really want to know is where all that gold went that Q had stashed away.

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By "multi-ethnic" they mean African and Mexican, not European Americans or Asian Americans or any of the other lighter skinned people. That's what Africans do, they attack and kill everyone that isn't in thier tribe. THAT is what's behind war,after war, after war, in AFRICA; no people on the planet are more racist than the Africans.

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This is why the new "politically correct" NASA just needs to shut down and be privatized. Especially given Obama’s guidance and new vision for the organization is to focus on “reaching out to the Islamic world”! Sadly, it’s no longer the people with the most brainpower running the show but just like the White House, its being run by some affirmative action idiot. For NASA to even pretend to know the threat to Earth from space borne objects is ridiculously amateurish. Between Hollywood and our government forcing this pretense of African “success” in our face at the expense of all else, we are doomed as a nation. This isn't the Post Office!!!

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Because it allows thier enemies to continue gathering strength.

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If Israel still believes the UN is a friend, they deserve to be crushed and removed from the Earth forever for thier cowardess. Act NOW and live to see the next century, do not act and your country may not live to the end of this century. This tiny hope of reviving the Israel's people will be lost because the leaders are too weak to do what must be done.

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Obama can't get it through his fat head that these people slithering across the boarder in the dead of night ARE CRIMINALS. The very act of comming here ILLEGALLY is a criminal act. How are these DEMS so stupid as to not understand that the law gets enforced regardless of wether you "like it" or not? The US lifeboat is full. If you keep filling it, you will sink the boat and destroy us all.

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Yes we still have free speach in America. As long as your speach is on the governments list of approved comments. Basically you can't scream fire in public, you can't say anything against our lord Obama, you can't question police misconduct, you can't insult religions that have murder as a core belief, and you can't say Africans started the slave trade. But you are free to bash people that are white, those that think everyone should work to EARN a living not suck off the tax payers, believe in the Bible instead of the quran, adhere to a natural male/female relationships, and believe abortion is murder.

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I can see how he may have doubts after being in that body for so long. Perhaps we should give thanks for our strong bodies and offer our prayers of peace and comfort for Mr. Halkings.

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Give me a break! Why would "the US" be concerned about anyone being arrested for anything? We are number one when it come to a corrupt legal and political system that locks away people for little of nothing. We even sick out DOJ and other government thugs on people for insulting "the one". So pretending to take the high road is hollow to the citizens of America and to the World. Now we see through you liers.