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There is a reason why young people do not rule anything. It's no accident that in EVERY culture, experience, wisdom and temperence of emotions leads to better decision making with more thorough information. Your idiot generation will get older and if you think this was now then you are going to remain stupid all your lives, bet on it

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Not sure I understand your first comment. So, you are not supposed to support a group of people or a nation unless you are..........what? A member? Culturally or ethnically related? I can only support ireland?

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Nice try! This is a new tactic of the side with no facts and nothing but hate on their side: Say that the ' proof ' is in the audio or video, knowing that most people will think it is because " who lies and is deceitful enough to try and trick someone like that '?
You just answered that question. Good luck in your career as a carnival worker

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there's no " version " of the facts, just the truth hate-mongers and racists can't stand because it's so easily proven

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Truthers, when confronted with those inconvenient facts, turn to insults and threats and are such dismissed by normal, intelligent people as the malcontents they are. Because it took a guy 10 years to do research does not mean that his conclusions are based on anything other than self-selected fantasies and self-fulfilling facts to go with it. Even a child can read left wing garbage for 10 years and come to the same conclusions if he goes in with a prediliction to tilt all the facts one way. There is a seemingly perverted generation of basement-dwelling, can't-function-in-society-gamers, who are angered by their impotence and feel as if they have to tear down the " system ". Everyone is tired of you people and wishes you would go away ( or get laid )

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Unbelievable. If Israel's being a nuclear power has been a deterrent, why have they been attacked by thousands of rockets over the years and are under threat of attack now?
If they people you are negotiating with do not recognize your right to exist then who is at fault again?

That's a reality check. Anything to the contrary is " jew hatred " and not worth another second of my time. You anti-israeli folks are handcuffed by facts and logic so you revert to lies and indescribable hatred. You are not wanted in 2011

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What is it about this country that a bunch of whiney minorities are taken seriously? Seriously. Was there a culture of sexual favors for grades? Date rapes that were not investigated due to female discrimination? Lack of opportunity for female staff or administration? No. A bunch of whiney men-hating indigo girls could not accept an apology and move on. Please, please go away..........maybe to Afghanistan where women are treated much better.......oh wait

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I agree that this stuff is a shanda but as a public school teacher myself, there are a lot of us who are not like this.

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As I was told a couple of days ago, the people who refuse to look at facts and reality in Israel have emotional issues AND/OR psychological issues that need to be resolved and can only explain their willingness to overlook the pure hatred on the part of the people they support.

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much like the NAACP, NOW is irrelevant and is a liberal activist group. A total shame for an org that used to have some usefullness and purpose. They are a complete joke