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600 weeks ago @ - VIDEO ADDED: Cedar Rap... · 1 reply · +4 points gives you statistical information regarding mountain lion attacks in the US and Canada. "The current reported attack rate in the U.S. and Canada is ~6 attacks per year, with just under 1 death per year. This number has been constant since at least 1991, with no evidence at all that the rate has changed." "The resulting maximum attack rate is then 0.047 * 0.5 = 0.02 per year, or one attack every 50 years. It is no surprise at all that there were no attacks in the 77 years from 1909 to 1986." Do the research. Your children have a much better chance of dying from a drunk driver...As far as killing anything that might be a threat to my children, following your logic, you should put a rifle round in anyone of your friends that drinks and drives.

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What's great about North Liberty? I could go with the obvious, i.e. the fact you don't live here, but I shant...It is a great place to live as far as I am concerned, and the proximity to Iowa City and all that it has to offer, not to mention Coralville Lake, the Amanas, Cedar Rapids (in spite of the negatives in CR, there are still a lot of good things to do there) low crime rates and good schools add to that.

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You must be joking. The Register is a long time bastion of Democratic support and rhetoric. Check out their endorsement in past elections, don't take my word for it. "Register editorial board endorses Obama for President" 10/25/08 for example. "Sunday, January 11, 2004.John Edwards -- his time is now By Register Editorial Board" " The Des Moines Register's editorial board has endorsed Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton for the 2008 Iowa caucuses." 12/17/07 from USA Today. "Bradley Gets Endorsement of 'Des Moines Register" January 23, 2000. No need to thank me for doing your research.

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You know how you can tell when a democrat is lying? same way....

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I would say you are being generous with 10 seconds...I was a bouncer back in the 80's and many a drunk went down that way. You don't have to be 6'+ and 250 pounds to administer one either. It's a bad ending to a bad situation that the deceased brought on himself.

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they only shoot to wound on television, or in the's not that easy to hit a moving target with a handgun, let alone a waving appendage...

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Interesting debate, most of which has nothing to do with the Lutheran Church changing it's stand on gays in the clergy. If you disagree, don't go there. Now, wasn't that easy. As for me, I don't believe that one's sexual preference makes you better (or worse) than the next preacher/pastor/priest/rabbi..etc. etc. etc. Hatred of anyone seems to fly in the face of the basic message of Christianity, just an observation....

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Coach Farley is right...they should have won that game. They beat Iowa everywhere but on the scoreboard in the end. He is a great coach both on and off the field.

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Politics as usual...I would appreciate a little more information as to who appointed him, etc...if that isn't asking too much. Thanks

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Think you could find some proof to back up that statement of over 92MPH?