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If anyone requires further info. on how to get in touch with a PSD agency or training agency I can be reached at:

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You always give the best ,concise reviews, but what I can't grasp from the above comment is if the X1 is potted, can't the manufacturer do the neccessary repairs?? I know if I have any problems with my Megalodon, and haven't yet, I'd go straight to the source, (Leon Scamahorn). Even with a warranty expiring dive companies will fix their equipment if the owner is willing to pay.

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Isn't the logo a little far down on the shirt?? I know I tuck my T-shirts into my pants usually, but this concept would be okay if you're wearing shorts, which is practical in Canada for maybe 3 months of the year, ( and that's stretching it). LOL!!

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If you ever get up to Canada and need a dive buddy hit me up. I'm in the middle of the Country, but we have some pretty good diving in Manitoba. West Hawk Lake is the deepest fresh water lake around, ( 332' in the middle, formed by a meteor years back). And like I always say to my students when they're just starting out, " Just because you're trained to dive to 300' doesn't mean you have to every dive!! "
My e is:
Take care.
Be prepared for an article on police diving that is going to be posted on Monday or Tuesday after Erik proof reads it. See I can write as well as dive!! LOL!!! :-)

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If the outside air is below or near the freezing mark, before the dive, do not exhale into the regulator until both the first and second stages are submerged. The moisture in your exhaled breath can collect in the second stage and cause freezing before you even get in the water. This means when you test breathe your regulator, only inhale through it; do not exhale back into it. It is also advisable to even minimize breathing from the regulator at all until it is submerged.

Plan your dive with the assumption that gear will leak and regulators will freeflow.


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Hey Soggy:
Great write up. And I thought only my fellow PSD's knew about adibiatic effects on tanks. LOL!! Considering my last ice training dive was conducted at -45 degrees temp. and a wind speed of 20 kmh. I'd say that you guys in the NorthEast are doing tropical diving!! LMAO!! And if reg freeze up and free flowing are a concern there's nothing like an old double hose regulator, those work horses keep on ticking!! Just getting harder and harder to find parts these days.

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If Jill is really monetizing her site she must have learned from the best, PADI !!!

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Excellant post and I'm glad everything turned out for the best for you. In the pic of you sitting and breathing off a tank was that pure O2 or an EANx ?? After looking at your dive profile it looks good, but sometimes just out of safety concerns I add 3 mins on O2 at 10 feet. Getting bent is no fun at all!!

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Dry suit diving is not that hard to become comfortable with. The make and model of your suit have a lot to do with it. At first getting in and securing the "suspenders" can get some taking to. And always make sure your neck seal is right, an episode of carotid-sinus reflex is not a pleasant experience my friend. I dive Viking drysuits and also have an older White's model that I just use for quick dives now. I guess being a police diver has spoiled me with all the neat gadgets and such we have, but I would recommend a Viking to anyone, be it for work or play. And they are by far the easiest to use when it comes to dump valves and inflation valves. The Swedes make a great product, which us cold water Northern divers are thankful of!! :-)
And there is no shame in calling a dive!! That is one of the first things I drill into my student's heads when I instruct recreationally!!
Happy Diving!! ( And I don't mean narced!! )

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The Spiegel Grove is an excellant wreck to dive. The last time I dove it I wasn't using my CCR and I should have as there is much to explore. That's the draw backs of open circuit diving, so much to see, and so little time. :-) Next time my Megalodon goes with me!!