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Moonilal was the same person when he was supporting Panday was asked what he would tell Mr Bissesar if she wins the UNC leadership...and my boy replied " well she would have to keep on walking". Just fast forward to the tune has changed. That's politics I guess.

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I don't want him to enter my country either can we send him back? Shucks he is Trinidadian....LOL Would have been nice to send him somewhere else, that would surely put a dent in crime.

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This reminds me of them plaque that Hugh Francis placed on Wrightson Road in the 80's. Too much self importance. A good Minister doesn't look for hurrays Mr Khan, they just try to get the work done.

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This topic has been in the headlines for over 3 weeks. What about the falling price of oil? It has been constantly going down. No one is focusing on any other news except this fast. I have actually stopped buying newspapers now. Doesn't make sense.

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Maybe this might be a precedent for another planassing case that occurred by a ah doubles man.

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If he dies he dies.....Ivan Drago...Rocky IV

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Then we have these human rights people talking about human rights for killers. Where were this kid's human rights? I have always said a thief is a murderer and a liar is a thief. To the parents..... I feel your grief. Nothing could be said to remove your pain. It's part of what we are grown to expect in this once beautiful paradise. I hope the killers are found, and I hope the police could report that they fired at them so that they had no choice but to fire back with brute force, and remove these pests from society, and in so doing free up some court time. Johhua was trying to better himself by hard work and study, and as always there are those in society who believe that what you have belongs to them. It would never change.

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I agree convictions are an expensive business. That's why I am normally happy when a pest or coke pusher or someone who was wanted for murder is shot and killed by the police. You see it's only criminals have human rights. When a woman is raped and her family was terrorized by bandits at 3.00AM in the morning, while asleep, she endures torture for life. Where did her human rights go? There would always be "hungry" lawyers willing to change their beliefs for the almighty dollar. I would support these human rights people, if they were to go into places like Laventille and speak to the youths, talk to them about human rights. It's nice to talk about human rights when you're being paid millions of dollars by Amnesty International to defend convicted killers. I applaud the police service for their work. If you are shot at, return fire with the same degree of force you were met with. So I agree with the writer, murder cases are expensive.

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"If he dies, he dies" ......Ivan Drago : Rocky IV

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"If he dies, he dies" ......Ivan Drago : Rocky IV