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I just wrote a post that all hype about core exercise can harm you. All we were taught about posture is another way to screw ourselves. As Katy says, sucking in our guts is a set up for problems. I've had women who couldn't get pregnant, getting pregnant after a few Rolfing sessions just because they relaxed their stomach.

I also fully agree it's more about moving than just exercising.

Keep breaking these old myths.

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After curing my Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia, I thought I healed my problems. Many things were better… but I still wasn’t strong. One of my clients recommend a doc 45 minutes from me that has a huge practice of Lyme patients from around the world. His website: http://www.lymestop.com has a great list of symptoms to see if you may have it.

After four months my SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and my brain fog is completely gone. The only healing crisis I had was exhaustion, which is improving weekly.

I was one of those cases of Lyme’s Disease that overtly didn’t look like I had it. The Dr. Smith kept saying as he was treating me, “You’re so healthy, I can’t believe you have it.” My healthy lifestyle did pay off, but it didn’t cure the Lyme’s Disease. It took Dr. Smith’s treatment to get it. Now I’m rebuilding my body.

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Ben, thanks for championing the impact EMF’s have on us. Ever since the advent of electricity, we have avoided exploring the effect our discovery.

Thirty-five years ago, Jim Oschman PhD told me there was no good distance, good electrical, or radiation device. Jim walked away from a promising career as a biologist after meeting Ida Rolf, PhD to explore the biological impact of EMF’s. He went on to be one to do studies with NIH. Today he’s the scientist championing earthing.

Like you, I’ve never had Wi-Fi in my home. Recently I made my non-Wi-Fi life easier when I set up a TRENDnet Powerline Nano Adapter Kit. Now my internet travels through my house wiring.

Before I healed my Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia, I was a dowsing rod for EMF’s. Walking into a store like Walmart was walking into a stupor. I felt firsthand what Jack spoke about. For decades, clients came to me with unexplained symptoms. For some removing their EMF exposure was what shifted their health.

No one can perform at their highest level if their body is being torn down by EMF. Keep up speaking up. We are only seeing the beginning of the effect of the electronic life we live.

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As a man who does cry and works with other men through free men's groups I agree - there is a double standard. If we are to break out of that bind we also need women to accept men learning to be emotional.

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I recommend people check out Rolfing... it worked for me.

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I can't think of a better topic.

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I am with DISQUS now. If it doesn't work out I have a backup - thanks for the info.

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Thanks. Holding a space takes work, but once you can do it you have a quiet power.

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Your awareness is powerful. You are correct, as you work on your part you will heal. As you heal what you really want will be more likely to show up. It may be your ex, or it might be another man. We all project our dreams on to a specific image or person. Sometimes the hard part is to let go of our projection for what we really want - that can be scary.

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Yes are emotions are hidden, just as treasures are hidden.