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Iran could well have a sufficient stockpile of highly enriched uranium necessary to create a nuclear weapon within a few months as shown in this article:

It looks like the world will soon have a new member of the "nuclear weapons states".

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Here is an interesting exchange between a Stratfor analyst and the company’s CEO about the use of sexual or financial “control” to gain information from a source:

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The recently announced changes to the Canada Health Transfers will help Ottawa balance its books over the long haul. Unfortunately, as shown here, the burden will still fall on the shoulders of the provinces and ultimately, Canadian taxpayers:

While these cuts will make it easier for the Federal government to balance its books, in 60 years time, provincial debt-to-GDP levels will rise to an unsustainable 480 percent of GDP.

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Western sanctions against Iran have worked very well - for China. As shown in this article, western countries have been forced to step back from infrastructure investment in Iran's oil and gas industry and have been replaced by China:

China's multi-billion dollar investment in Iran will definitely complicate the delicate balancing act for the United States should they choose to take military action against the Iranian regime.

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With increasing demand for energy, particularly oil, from both China and India, oil prices are most likely to continue to rise in concert with the leveling off of production levels as shown here:

Total world energy consumption was up by 5.6 percent last year and oil consumption reached 87.4 million barrels per day, a 3.1 percent increase. On the other hand, oil production rose by only 2.2 percent.

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Sixty million barrels of oil is not even one day's consumption for the entire world.

We must focus on the total supply and demand fundamentals, particularly in light of the growing number of people entering the middle class in the world's two most populous nations and the fact that oil production simply is not increasing as shown here:

That is what will ultimately drive the price of oil.

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The Quran isn't the only holy book that suffers at the hands of extremist churches in the United States. Here's the story of at least one church in America that burns versions of the Bible that don't meet its exacting standards:

Intolerance knows no bounds.

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It is an interesting exercise to look at voter turnout rates for Canada’s 40th election in 2008. Overall, only 58.8 percent of registered voters took the time to hold their noses, pick up a pencil and mark an “X”, an all-time low since Confederation. In Mr. Harper’s own riding of Calgary Southwest, only 52,996 out of 90,756 voters exercised their franchise for a turnout of 58.4 percent, just below the national average, rather surprising considering that this is the Prime Minister’s riding and surely one would want to curry favour. Of those who voted, 72.96 percent voted for Mr. Harper meaning that he received the support of only 42.6 percent of all eligible voters in his riding.

Here is a look at Canada’s historical voter turnout and how it has dropped markedly over the past 5 decades:

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Bill C-12 which would increase the number of MPs by 30 also died. No great loss.

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Here is an article showing how TEPCO has had a very poor safety record and how their largest nuclear power plant has been shut down since 2007 after a relatively minor earthquake:

Despite these issues, both TEPCO and other power companies in Japan plan massive expansion in the country's nuclear power generation capability.