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I think the US is suffering from fear and paranoia since 9/11

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You've got to be kidding. Smiley knock on doors stuff and handing out brochures is hardly the same as debate.


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Well, here's how I look at it. Fantino and Genco have put themselves up for a "job" to be hired and paid for by taxpayers.

You don't just look at a resume - you also interview prospective employees - Fantino isn't doing the interviews (debates) by the employer -the taxpayer.

Should he be hired if he's afraid to interview (debate)? Would you get a job if you refuse to interview? Na

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I'm sick and tired of the sanctimonious NDP. They want us on peace missions - duh. We have lost 121 Canadian soldiers on peace missions.

Peace missions are also dangerous - you don't walk the streets wearing tie-dye shirts and making the peace sign there NDP.

121 Canadian soldiers have been killed on peace missions - peace missions also have a dangerous element to them.

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Oh stay classy there Joe or Tony or whoever you are. Speaking of rude - are you not aware that using caps is rude?

How old are you? Shouldn't you be in school or something?

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My, my - can't even spell. And, I don't shut up and take orders from lame brains like you.

Try paying attention to facts, it really would make you look more intelligent.

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MacKay may have a ring - but, but - does he have a brain?

Hey there MacKay, et al (Con party) one way to show appreciation is "funding" - give it a try

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Apparently he wasn't. What about Flaherty - he seems to own only 2 ties - both pukey green.

What about gay basher - Tom Lukiwski, and while I'm at it, has he reached out to the gay community like he promised?

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Geez, can you not give this a rest for a while? It would be nice to give the families a little time here without seeing this everywhere in the media.

What - no conscience?

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Wilson - do you not pay attention to "real" facts? Canada was broke in 1993 - losing our credit rating and IMF was extremely concerned. No credit - no borrowing. You can't be that stupid.

Big mouth Hillier couldn't say enough good things about Bill Graham back in those so-called dark days when Graham was actually taking the steps to beef up the military, but hey, a stupid election happened.

Oh, and don't forget that Stephen Harper supported the cuts back in the day.

So, please stop your limited thinking partisan BS and check it all out before you go to you post-it notes.