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I use a customized New Wave theme. I changed the
controls: Human-Clearlooks
icons: Human

I use the Global Menu applet to get rid of menus in most apps.
In Epiphany:
--turned off the Status Bar
--Left Address bar on
--set it to hide toolbars
This way I have nothing but tabs, my bookmarks and the rest of the menu is up in the panel and if I need to see or change the address hit Ctrl+L. I never understood having the buttons when I never used them anyways. I've always used hotkeys for getting to the address bar, going back/forward, reloading, new tab, etc.

I use 4 desktops and usually only have one window open in each and use the scroll wheel on the mouse to get around, or hotkeys, either way. I also use Expo to see sometimes and I have Window Picker set to Super L. The terminal is set to Super R. Oh and thanks for the tip about getting rid of the scroll bar. The Global Menu Applet had the menu out of my way but still in reach but getting rid of the scroll bar was useful.

I have it set where mounted drives never show up on the Desktop but at the bottom of my right panel.
I also have the Music Applet along with sound control in the right panel. On my laptop I have brightness along with it.

For my main menu I use the shrunk down version with just the Ubuntu icon. Global Menu while on the desktop it has Places so that in itself replaces the normal Gnome Places menu. I also made a custom menu beside it for my most used apps like:

Banshee is already covered by the Music Applet which has an icon to launch your chosen music player, once launched it changes to controls.

I have no bottom panel for Windows List, I got rid of it and use Gnome-Do's dock. I also have my two panels (top and left) set to transparent.

old dark theme: