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I was going to say something about a pumpkin that I thought should have won, but it was also carved by ceemdee. Thoroughly impressed with the L.A. Noire one!

Great pumpkins all around though! If Charlie Brown saw these I think he'd say his mission is complete!

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What about blue hair? You gotta have blue hair! Oops, I think I am thinking about Japanese cartoons, not JRPG's.

(Too late for Home Star Runner references?)

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Are you referring to this Space Duck? So Majestic...

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Anyone else worried that Trunks had to go Super Saiyan to get the Wii-mote to respond? What are we supposed to do?

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Thank you, I did too, and I was scared that I was the only one.


Mrs. Nesbit, please stand up! *BANG* Mrs. Nesbit has learned the value of not being seen. And now for something completely different.

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Man, creeper memes sure are exploding on the internet!

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No no, you don't want that R4 helping you, everyone knows it has a bad motivator!

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Don't you mean whoever wins, Wii lose?

Wakka Wakka!

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Looks like that Demo was...

*puts on sunglasses*

Stuck in Spawn!


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Well played. Now if only the dispenser had done that belch-ribbit when it noticed the engie looking at him.