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Want to clean this trash out in the mountains, NAPALM is the answer. It works into all cracks and openings cutting off oxygen and burning everything in its path. Used in WW2 very effectively.

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Hey STUPID, there is no such clause in the CONSTITUTION, SEPERATION of CHURCH and STATE. Suggest you read the CONSTITUTION in its entirety you might become intelligent.

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President Lincoln clearly stated, " This country can never be taken from without but it would come from WITHIN, like now by HALF and HALF and his THUGS from CHICAGO.

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Hang him HIGH and leave him for the BUZZARDS. Just shows you how dangerous the MUSLIMS are in the USA. Time to clamp down HARD ON THERE JIHAD TRAINING CAMPS HERE, all 35 of them.

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This is unreal to say the least. Hell he could take PELOSI and REID with him as food tasters and save us some money.

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To the LATE Republican Party, NO GUTS, NO GLORY. This Broads thoughts on using the Constitution as written for decision making means nothing to her. That is what she should be GRILLED ON.

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I totally agree, change TIME MAGZINE to OBAMA GAZETTE.