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I guess I WAS surprised I got a shout out LOL. Well thanks again, and I'll keep surpporting your efforts!

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Happy Birthday!!! You're doing a great job! And wow, thanks for the love!

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Looks like they really need her back too, especially with Lisa still out.

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Why is Latta signing so late? I'm sure fans are glad to have her back, but I'm curious as to the circumstances.

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She was pretty harsh, but as you said, it's a taste of his own medicine.

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The good news for Appel is that it's only a scope. Hopefully she'll return to form for her senior year. When I played at Stanford, Tara took us to Italy the summer before my junior year. It was great! We toured all the places to go in Italy. It was more of a vacation than a basketball trip.

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Thanks for the morning laugh. Too bad I can't update to 3.0 myself, the Apple activation servers are temporarily unavailable. Translation: they weren't ready for the entire world of iPhone users to update their phones at the same time. I've given up. Maybe tomorrow or later tonight, after everyone is over it already.

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I love all of these commercials! I hadn't seen that one yet, thanks.

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Here is a sample comment through intense debate. http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1712156/ B)

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I agree, it's a little slow. I also like how Disqus has recent comments and backlinks built into their profile pop-up. I don't know how difficult this is to do, but I'd love to see this impemented as well.