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thanks - I needed that after reading about how much the RE taxes and HOA fees would cost (what a hoot)!!! You couldn't make up a story like that - it's rated up there in bizaro world!!

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Katydid, my kids would disown me if I did anything with it since their remember the many hours their dad worked on it and he has since passed (even though they have no place for it at present). How about the same deal but with one of the many items we purchased on our trip: fetishes, peace pipe with beautiful beading on it, kachina dolls, a drum and cow skull with great pictures painted on them, and pottery??

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Lessie, it would be great if I won.......it would be great just to know someone that won!! Yes, great memories of our vacation.

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I am FIRED UP and DREAMING!!! I have looked at the videos/pics so many times, then I start to imagine myself in the house. I can picture my boyfriend in the office painting one of many magnificent views (he turned it into an art studio). I also picture my sons and grandkids enjoying the surreal views outside while we are cooking for everyone (we love cooking together). Before my husband passed away we took a family vacation with our 2 sons to New Mexico and we fell in love with the enchantment and made a decision if it was possible, that is where we would retire. He had MS and I have fibromyalgia.....we both felt great because of the low humidity. When we returned home to Wichita, KS, he bought a buffalo skull and decorated it with turquoise and red coral (it is a beautiful piece of work).

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One favorite room is so hard to pick, as the entire house (inside and out) is fabulous!!!! I would say the master bedroom suite/bath and sunrise room first (I have never had a bedroom or bathroom I wanted to spend time in, but these rooms are huge and look so relaxing and inviting). The kitchen and butlers pantry would be second - there has to be a place for EVERYTHING in these 2 areas - organization at last!!!

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Boyfriend and I stayed at home - I was recuperating/relaxing from surgery I had Dec. 29th. We visited about the dream home while oooing and awwiiiiiing over each video. I would first consult with a financial advisor to make sure we had covered everything before any of the $500,000 was spent. If I felt comfortable with all decisions and had money left, there are a few things I would love to add: a separate play area just for my 4 grandchildren, indoor lap pool, and an inside courtyard with a lot of plants and water feature.