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They no longer exist! But they were swallowed up by something bigger and better, so it wasn't...punitive. It's cool, though. A professional reference I listed from back then and there just told my would-be employer last week that I'm pretty much THE SHIZ.

And thank you for your support! :D

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The brand new CEO of a corporation I worked for popped in one day, handed me his Palm something, and said in his smarmy British accent, "Be a good chap and charge this up for me. I'll be leaving for a flight just 'round 45 minutes from now."

Uh, I had no charger for this unauthorized abomination of a device. I jumped in my car and drove around town, stopping at every phone store I saw, PDA in hand, waving it at any and everyone. No one had a charger for it. With only minutes left, I finally found a store that had it. I ran back to my car and tossed the charger and the Palm in through the passenger window as I ran around to the driver side to haul ass. The PDA landed on the seat first. The charger landed right on the Palm's screen, smashing it to bits. I actually dropped to my knees in the parking, looked skyward, and bellowed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Out of breath and sweating bullets, I handed the wrecked device and charger to the CEO.

"Here you go, sir. Had a little accident during my scramble to find you a charger in time."

"That's quite alright, accidents do happen, don't they. Well, I'm off, cheers!"

I was fired into oblivion a few weeks later. 7 years with them, toast.

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What a great comic. I'm not sure why I like this one more than most, but I do. Perhaps it's the flow. More likely, it contains the kind of wit I only wish I had. Oh I squeeze a good off every once in a great while, but you have it in spades, my friend. Thank you for sharing it with us so often.

As for Jobs, everything ends. And my Nano is The Shiz. So all is right in the universe as far as I'm concerned. :)

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Frankly, I'm surprised the Voyager crew didn't ever DO a Gilligan's episode, what with all their free time and those spiffy holodecks. 0_o I just pictured Janeway dressed up as Mary Anne. *shudder*

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I usually prefer my space with Morena Baccarin in it, but Chloe's boobs helped out there a little. Robert Carlyle is the dog's bollocks, I like most of his stuff. I was not at all thrilled with the appearance of "Shooter McGavin". Later, I was thrilled. Not only does the ship lost deep in space remind me of Voyager, which I watched often, it also reminds me of the no-ship Ithaca in Sandworms of Dune. I love it all. Huge ship like that, no telling what's on it, waiting to eat them alive or boink their wimminz in the ear.

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His Lung Fu was weak, but his Hung Fu was strong!

hehehe heh hehe you said taint hehe heh hehehe

The Taint was behind it all!

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Hate to point this out, but there's a typo in panel 1, bubble 1. "But their love 'it' totally forbidden and stuff." Sorry. :(

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Maybe if they blow it up just enough to go back to when Kate used to take off her clothes.