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Political correctness is what got us all into this mess to begin with. Political Correctness does not equal Tolerance and vice a versa.

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Cue the Crickets! They won't say a word - even liberal papers have zilch to say about this Large Tent gathering of Democratic Supporters!

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I watched this on CSPAN Saturday - a good bit anyway. The Theme was Jobs now - to rebuild Schools, Highways and Bridges. Those are all Government Jobs - It was one Big Government Rally Day. Their message truly terrified me becuase it was all Government, Unions, etc...absolutely awful.

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I totally agree - the MSM is painfully biased - that is why i got my "I don't believe the Liberal Media" bumper sticker proudly on my car from News Busters! Bunch of hacks - I am glad no one knows who Rachel Maddow, Keith Olberman, and the other nuts from MSNBC even are. I can hardly watch the big 3 networks at all and I am so glad Sunday Night Football dumped Olberman. Liberals and progressives are ruining America!

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Chuck Norris Rocks!

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I am proud of France for the first time in my life and proud of Italy as well because their Government does not Recognize Islam as a legitimate Religion!

America and the World needs to do the same!

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This statement

"To me, if you don’t support Israel’s right to defend itself as best that it can against people and states who wish to destroy it, you’re not much of a human rights practitioner."

Is worth remembering because it is very true.

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For the first time in my life I am proud of Italy for not recognizing Islam as an official religion due to Islam's radical Imam's and lack of equality among the sexes.

The world including America would be well adised to do the same!

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I disagree to Dick's article and the comments thus far in only one way.

People are dying on both sides of the border for very inhumane reasons. It is VERY unsafe along the border.

The Border must be secured somehow, someway. This is a "shovel ready project" that legitimately could have used some of the enormous amount of money used to pay off states, unions, and other Democrat promises throughout the years.

Securing the Border CAN BE DONE. This is AMERICA and our CITIZENS are in great danger.

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Way to go!!!