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look ya'll, it doesn't matter how stupid these protesters are. with the media colluding with them, these will be able to do whatever they want, and the american people will fall for it. it's pretty sad. the left is well organized, funded, and well trained at creating civil unrest. make no mistake about it, our community organizer in chief knows how to agitate, and foment discord. these people are dangerous and they may very well succeed in destroying a country or two before they are done. it's almost like watching pre ww2 with a front row seat.

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unfortunately, this will work very well. the lies work. the smear campaigns are effective. when will the silent majority and the gop get a clue? the truth doesn't speak for itself when it is buried by liars. the truth needs an aggressive advocate. the only anyone will ever get any mass exposure about the truth behind this very well organized and funded movement is to probably pay for ads exposing it. the anti semitism on the left is quite chilling. it's been like that for years, but of course the general public doesn't know this. the fact that jewish people still vote en masse for the democratic party also demonstrates again how the reality is so divorced from the truth. all of this is quite disturbing, but will any gop leaders stand up to these thugs? i doubt it. they haven't done so yet.

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Good lord, I keep waiting for a deus ex machina to save us from this man-child in chief. another four years i can not take.

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yep, they are still doing construction here. everyone is so sick of being late to work every other day, we now pretty much associate the awful commute with Obambi.

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actually, i disagree. things are bad in the midwest.

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Law and justice are not one and the same. Justice, i would contend, does not even exist in nature, and man has no business trying to rearrange society to fit his concept of what is "just ." Perhaps the term needs to be defined before any ideas surrounding it can be debated. The problem with "justice" is that human nature is inherently flawed, and therefore civil societies have chosen to enact laws to ensure that dealings with one's fellow man are not subject to the whims of this flawed nature. Without laws governing the interactions and transactions of men there would be little commerce and the only rights that would exist would that of "might makes right." As Sowell notes, "...justice is about impartial processes rather then either results or prospects."

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Gee, thanks for taking the time to cut and paste a definition of anarchy. I know what anarchy is, but thanks. Yes, it is unworkable and dysfunctional. It completely denies human nature, and human nature being what it is we create laws in order to make living with our fellow man less treacherous. Anarchy leads to a break down in civil society and ends in a dictatorship by the last strong man standing. You need to go back and review some concepts such as the social contract, and consider that law and justice are not one in the same. Freedom exists within boundaries. A man is hardly free if he can not be free from murder, theft, and violation of property rights - and anarchy does not lead to freedom because it leads to a violation of the above.

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Oh, an appeal to an authority, or rather someone with "credentials." Well the Unibomber had credentials too, and I would hardly defer my common sense to someone simply because they went to Hah-vad. Now run along Prodicus.

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Pal, you are an anarchist that doesn't believe in the rule of law. Good for you. Those of us that are sane don't embrace such silly ideologies, and believe that it is the rule of law that is the very foundation of a civil society.

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This is hogwash written in obscurantist legalese in an attempt to make the reader feel intimidated. It is anarchist drivel written by someone who studied "law" but never attended a law school. The Constitution was ratified, so of course it is legally binding. It is our governing document, and umpeen gazillion legal decisions have been handed down regarding this document's interpretation, which demonstrates that it has been valued as such. Run along, Prodicus, and peddle your drivel somewhere else. Lysander Spooner was a wack-job anarchist, which is about the most unworkable and dysfunctional political ideology one could embrace.