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Physicians definitely need to know where their patients are getting information. Sites such as and others where one can look up drug interactions for instance, are very helpful to the layperson -- I can't imagine any professional not at least becoming familiar with technology, and for those who refuse, there's always a new crop of graduates nipping at their heels.

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Check out your local credit union. Member owned, non-profit, the way banking should work. MSN Money has a good piece (not sure if links are allowed here though), search for "ditch your bank for a credit union" to find it.

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I agree. Maybe they could just change it to "Vancouver Not BC"

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Whatever happened to calling it "Hooterville?" Am I really that old?

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If you've got good credit, just cancel the stupid card. We have to start fighting back by refusing to do business with these thieves.

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Durham's crime won't negate a legitimate debt but Chambers biggest mistake was ignoring official court documents. If you are served with papers, you MUST answer them, then you get your day in court. Chambers should file a civil suit against Durham for his emotional injures and offset any judgment won in this case. Otherwise you can bet Durham will spend the rest of his days hounding him for payment and that's worse than the attempted murder.

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I'm continually amazed at all the free goodies one can find online. Here's to happy Shape reading!