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Leftists--democrats, that is--operate according to the belief that they can get away with absolutely ANYTHING!! They own, or rather ARE the media, so they know that stories of the kind which would doom even innocent republicans will not be reported. And experience has shown that republicans are incessantly so cowardly, so limp-wristed and spineless when it comes to exposing the criminality of liberals--especially BLACK or HOMOSEXUAL liberals, that virtually NO offense will be serious enough to warrant even criticism, let alone hearings or public disgrace. So Waters was simply doing what comes NATURALLY to political thugs and hacks--stealing tax dollars for personal gain--figuring that NOTHING whatever would come of it. Why in the world would she think otherwise??!!

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The left MUST do something to "stir up the base"--that is, BLACK VOTERS--before election day. So Charlie and Maxine have opted for trial rather than wrist-slap! Expect the race card to be played early and often, with perpetual support of the "aggrieved" victims trumpeted by the media. Will it be enoughtto get blacks to the polls in 2008 numbers? Or will dems have to simply depend on Black Panthers and SEIU members to provide polling place "security" in the tightest of districts and states!

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Why of COURSE, little Willie! Musn't have any facts getting out to the great unwashed, after all. It might be dangerous! Your leftist media colleagues could then play the RACE card and that would upset those who REEEELY determine election outcomes--the UNDECIDEDS and MODERATES!!!! Juan McCain clearly displayed how dangerous it would be to do THAT by attacking only conservatives and ENDORSING Obama!!! And the strategy worked so well! So our RINO MSM friends continue to protect the left because voters are simply too stupid to be trusted with the truth!

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Juan issues a HOLD?? Apparently Mr. Clapper is a CONSERVATIVE!!

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Say WHAT?? Notorious conservative Andrew Breitbart and the evil, biased FOX News are responsible for the firing of saintly black, Shirley Sherrod and our Journolist, lick-spittle "mediaphiles" are not interested in pressing the story with it's star victim??!! Now isn't THAT interesting! Just imagine if this were 1972. No internet. No Rush. No alternative media actually relating FACTS to the little people. Why Walter Cronkite would have a near sexual experience with this set up.

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Given that the radical left occupies both the White House and the MSM, don't be too shocked to see a pardon from Hussein. After all, the only way anyone would HEAR about it would be if Rush should see her at a supermarket!

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I wonder how long it will take for Hussein to issue her pardon? Or would that be a bit too risky, even for him!

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WHY? Because they will become permanent welfare recipients and democrat voters. The democrat party knowingly and gleefully destroyed the black race in order to guarantee itself a 95% voting bloc. For democrats, Mexicans are simply the next black race!

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This and the McDonald decision make it a pretty successful day! Now if only a few more dangerous senate leftists would be so generous to Americans as to peacefully take that far too long delayed trip to HELL, it could be a great week!

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The ruling "casts doubt upon" Shortshanks' unconstitutional gun ban??? Good Lord, you can almost SEE the tear stains on this AP writers copy! Sorry there, Markie Sherman, but the Constitution and actual Americans WON this one. By the thinnest of margins, tragically. But we won it nonetheless.