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Confusing to a progressive and biased "journalist," no doubt. A product of government schools. Not confusing to the millions of ordinary Americans who were raised by decent parents not expecting someone to tell them what to do with their lives...

Why is it that government educated lawyers, judges and journalists have so much trouble understanding a document that ordinary Americans have no trouble at ll with for the last 200 years?

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well said, fried, well said. I agree 100%

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I agree with Bolton. There is something very fishy about this whole scenario.

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Well said and all praise to Mr. Breitbart for his courage and willingness to out the truth. But understand this, all: the deception runs so deep and leads to such unlikely places as would make you spin in confusion and quiver at the knowledge. There are backup systems upon backup systems, and the ultimate foe is one who most don't even believe truly exists. Truly there are lies that mask lies, but even worse: truth that masks lies. Ere you swear to slay your foe, be sure that you know whom it really is. Then test your heart and courage to see if you dare carry through such a boast.

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Wow. If this doesn't make you certain our freedoms are in utter and immediate peril, I don't know what would. Can this be the talk of a crazy idiot? No. No one in such position is so blind, so stupid, such an idiot. This is the talk of a man who has kissed the ring of Father of Lies and foe of Liberty. He and his ilk are thralls doing the bidding of their master, for they have sold their souls for a pittance, and wish all men to sell theirs for even less. Doubt my words? Wait and see.

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Congrats to Ian for speaking up; but I doubt he'll accept the ramifications of his remarks. Hollywood is nothing more than a hypocritical, lame, "me-first" crowd that never did care for anyone other than themselves and their popularity ratings. They don't care about the working people in Louisiana. They don't care about the environment, or even about the whales. They care only about themselves. The sooner the majority of Americans can see this, the sooner we can put these parasites in their place.

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Think so? Who counts the votes? Think about it. The next constitutional crisis will be trying to prove to those who control the reigns of power INCLUDING the major news outlets that Harry Reid was not actually re-elected by popular vote, but that the federally funded voter machines manipulated the count.

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I agree. This is a great example of why citizens must *fight back immediately* and powerfully when the MSM trumpets their fake news stories. Any kid with his fist in the cookie jar will just keep doing it until all the cookies are gone, or until his hand gets smacked several times for trying it. When we let the MSM get away with their pettifoggery (like we have for years), they learn its routine business. We have many years of "unlearning" to accomplish.

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As a former Army public affairs officer (the kind Michael generally doesn't like - can't blame him), I can say that Michael's type were ALWAYS welcomed at the platoon /company level by the soldiers. They knew he understood their job and was empathetic to the things they had to endure to get it done right. They wanted their story to be told by someone who understood them. As for political intrigue being behind the decision to pull him I cannot say, but would prefer the more simple and likely explanation: decisions made at "echelons above reality" are often silly and seldom do the troops any favors. It was more likely a general decision made to allow room for more journalists a turn in the "slots" the command had imposed. The same thing happened to me in Desert Storm, but I successfully fought for the embedded reporter (yes, we actually managed to have one) who had learned the ropes and earned the respect of the troops.

At any rate, Michael's dispatches from the troop level will be sorely missed by many of us. though we will continue to follow his accounts.

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Are you for real? Quite frankly, I can't make much logical sense of what you wrote. Perhaps you don't understand how pathetic and stupid you appear. Don't you have something better to do?