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I haven't been here long, round about last year. I was "Depressing Animated Movie Night Guy". Which pretty much pegs me as Bob Bummer.

In happier news, I always wanted Eli and Denise to get together. I never realised they were an actual couple until now. At least not for sure. I was afraid to ask. Because of the awkwardness.

Now all we need is for Josh to find true love.

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I freaking knew it. I'd always wondered about whether Eli x Denise was a canon pairing, but I guess everyone wins now...

Man, I hope I find my special somebody soon. Not ready for marriage, just, some actual human companionship would be nice. Eli and Denise, congrats.

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As for the comic, I loved it. Damn am I tired of trying to convince Americans that we aren't actually Mad Max territory, we merely have various Bartertowns which are apparently very successful because most of them survived the Credit Crunch.

Yeah, I'm kind of glad us Australians got to keep "SciFi Channel", because most American TV companies treat us pretty bad. Then we set the Humungus on them and it goes downhill from there. It gets ugly negotiating TV in Australia.

Oh, and I hear that drop bears, unmentioned in this strip, are pretty dangerous. I lost a neighbour to one of those ;P

Anyway, as for the Edward t-shirt I'm not old enough to recognise who he is, but all I know is that even though my name is Jacob I can't call my fan club Team Jacob for at least twenty years until this Twilight craze blows over. Isn't it sad that people want a Werewolf Jacob instead of a real, somewhat more Australian one?

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I remember growing up on an isolated mountain in Queensland, called Mount Tambourine. It kind of sounds like Tatooine, which is fitting because it was an ex-farm and I saw all three original Star Wars movies there as the first films I ever saw. And back then, before the internet, Darth Vader being Luke's father was a HUGE SURPRISE! I just didn't see it coming because neither my Mum or Dad spoiled it for me.

I remember the disappointment of the prequels vividly. I didn't understand why The Phantom Menace was so damn... not right... at the time, I just felt unsettled by the blandness I guess, but when you're 9 years old you don't really expect film directors to be so generic with prequels. Of course I was too young to know any better.

Years later I bought the Original Series Star Trek first season and had a blast with that, because I'd never seen it before. This was also due to the Internet, and my mother having watched it as a kid. She prefers Picard though. Her being able to play Grand Theft Auto IV makes up for that.

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LEAVE YOKO ALONE! *sobs* You're lucky she even PERFORMS for you fancy bastards! She broke up the Beatles, her husband died and everybody hates her! She struggled to gain recognition in her own right with her own solo career!

*Chris Crocker rant OVER* Poor Denise. It's such a cruel joke but it works well. I hope she took this comic in good humor.

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@All of Ya'll:

My bad, all this time I thought it was Roy. E. Disney who made The Lion King happen, at least now i know who the real culprit is.

That and I'm not even sure what I'm saying anymore, maybe Marvel being bought by Disney IS a bad thing, it's too soon to be sure.

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I haven't seen High School Musical or the X-Men movies, so I'm a bit confused here. I don't even know who the Jonas Brothers are. But i still see what you did there with the pun.

I really have to catch up on the loop with Western media, being stuck in animebloggerland does that to you. I'll always remember you, Walt Disney, just not for the films made after your death. Because that Lion King fiasco was totally not your fault, it was your brother's.

Now we look forward to Marvel films which actually capture the original audience of Marvel comics, children, instead of grimmer and grittier movies based on Ghost Rider.

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Also I wanted to point out that Josh gets more evil with every comic. How far will he go before he becomes a 21st Century Sade?

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@Joel: I just got the Princess Bride joke. I love it when there's subtle references I can pick up on, especially when the really old geeky stuff is hard for my 19 year old self to understand. For example I have never seen any of the Star Trek TV series all the way through. I fail as a nerd/geek somehow because of that.

I hope your back feels much better soon, I recommend a family member instead of a chiropractor cracks your back for you, it always fixes mine right. Chiropractors for me summon up the image of the infamous Back Kraken, a creature so vile the back of no man can survive it and live without pain and misery.

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Thank God you were kidding about the spine weevils, here I was thinking you actually had parasites of some description. Then again that's just me.

Hope your back feels much better very soon, I've had my own problems, just not with my back, but with my head if you know what I mean.