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I actually think Rupert Grint will have a decent career. I think he was one of the better actors in the series. He could communicate so much with just a simple facial expression. Also, was I the only one who didn't recognize him for a second when he was disguised to break into Gringotts with Hermione and Harry on the last film? I think the dirty bearded crazy/bad guy role might be just the thing for him to transition from "Ron".

As for someone who is, for me, defined by a past role I'm gonna have to go with Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have been watching that new show she is in (yes I'm one of the 6 people watching it) and I keep expecting her to stake her step-daughter...or maybe I'm just hoping it.

And now I have to go bleach my brain from that ponis pic.

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Man, this comic has served to remind me of a plan I once had to create fantasy comics based on the works of one Ronnie James Dio. Then I got lazy and just made an awful t-shirt.

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" Hell, THIS VERY COMIC was founded on the idea that an emo Spider-Man was a mockery of the web-slinger."

So can we blame you for this atrocity then?

Also, FANTASTIC job drawing Bono and The Edge!

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Although I am sadly unable to see those fancy schmancy 3D movies, I think that Piranha is EXACTLY the type of movie that 3D was made for! And James Cameron can eat a bag of dicks for hating on a movie that is not only probably vastly more entertaining than Avatar, but also knows exactly what it is and isn't trying to re-invent the wheel...and for being generally douchey. Wow, I'm full of anger this morning. huh? Anyway, great comic. Is that "Bro-Brau" Eli is buying? Sounds like something the guidos on Jersey Shore would love.

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It's just nice to see Charisma Carpenter getting work that isn't on the Lifetime Network.

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@Denise and Eli-Congratulations! I would suggest a Firefly themed Wash/Zoe wedding, but I'm afraid~someone~would take it too far and it would end with Eli being impaled, so probably best to stick with something safer... I would however love to see Starbuck/Sam style matching tattoos!

@Joel-Fantastic job on the comic!

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Joel-Just sent you a ridiculously long email through the store site. I fail at internet ordering. Sorry about that! Love this comic BTW-I'm feeling poor Josh's IMAX nausea pain!

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Oooh! If you can hold me a Super Fancy (with artist upgrade), an Artist Edition and a Regular until the 1st them I am totally in and will love you long time...but not in THAT way! Congrats and good luck on this one!

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Awww! I like BONES! I have to agree with you on The Simpsons though. That show hasn't been good in years!

Here's hoping Dollhouse lives up to its Whedon predecessors!

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